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Friend: Heat still front-runner to keep LeBron in 2014


08:23 AM ET 04.28 | A friend of LeBron James said Cleveland's re-hiring of coach Mike Brown doesn't hurt the Cavaliers??? chances of luring James back in 2014 but doesn't tilt the odds toward Cleveland, either. "He left Cleveland with good feelings for Mike and speaks highly of him [privately]," the friend said. James' friend makes the Heat the front-runner to keep him when he can become a free agent in 2014, but also said Cleveland cannot be ruled out because of "his love for Akron -- how special it is to him. I'd be very surprised if he considers anywhere but Miami and Cleveland."

Miami Herald

LeBron James, Issac Baldizon/NBAE via Getty Images LeBron James, Issac Baldizon/NBAE via Getty Images
April 28, 2013  09:04 AM ET

Then lets talk about it in 2014.

April 28, 2013  09:06 AM ET

"I'd be very surprised if he considers anywhere but Miami and Cleveland"

Watch him sign with the Thunder...

April 28, 2013  09:07 AM ET

Are You The Unnamed Source, Bro?

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April 28, 2013  09:14 AM ET
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Nobody cares bro.

April 28, 2013  09:15 AM ET

Nobody cares bro.

I care because I don't care about LeBron in 2014

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April 28, 2013  09:17 AM ET

Hell no. You though Dwightmare was bad ? Well, expect to see one article a week on this topic going forward... And then, after next year's All-Star break, at least one article every other day.

I hope he goes on Oprah to announce his decision.

April 28, 2013  09:22 AM ET

When do we get our Nate "Derrick Who?" Robinson thread?!?!?

April 28, 2013  09:34 AM ET

Maybe this 'friend' meant to say that Heat fans are frontrunners?

April 28, 2013  09:34 AM ET

Not many players have had a 4th quarter in a playoff game like Nate's. That fireplug can light it up sometimes.

April 28, 2013  09:51 AM ET

Don't want him. I don't care where he goes.

April 28, 2013  10:05 AM ET

Miami 67%, Clev 33% - end of list

April 28, 2013  10:27 AM ET

Miami 67%, Clev 33% - end of list

Another example of the desperation that Cleveland is feeling. If the 'union' failed the first time, why would he want to try a second time?

April 28, 2013  11:18 AM ET

Welcome NBA fans to The Decision: Part 2!!!!!

April 28, 2013  12:47 PM ET

When do we get our Nate "Derrick Who?" Robinson thread?!?!?

Who needs DRose when you have Nate the Great?

April 28, 2013  01:21 PM ET

He wants to be a Knick.

April 28, 2013  02:13 PM ET

He wants to be a Knick.


April 28, 2013  02:16 PM ET

It would be a monumental surprise to see him leave Miami- but if he leaves Miami the only place he is going is Cleveland....

the Cavs cannot make that their plan though- they are trying to get Aldridge or Love with all their assets - and are trying to make some other moves as well.....

Itll be interesting to see what the Cavs look like on July 31st- unlike a lot of teams that spent a decade being TERRIBLE and irrelevant- the Cavs rebuild is going to take 3 years- playoffs without a doubt this year

April 28, 2013  02:17 PM ET

He wants to be a Knick.

why would you want LeBron when you can pay Amare Stoudemire 22 million for the next couple years?


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