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Rex Ryan defends his Jets record


09:21 AM ET 04.28 | Jets coach Rex Ryan has been mostly subdued while speaking to the media this offseason, but the old Rex showed up a little last night. Ryan sounds as if he's getting tired of hearing how bad the Jets will be this season. Answering a question about his confidence in quarterback Mark Sanchez, Ryan reminded everyone of his early success as Jets coach. "We've won a lot of games with Mark Sanchez at quarterback," Ryan said. "In fact, I think our football team since I've been here as the head coach has actually won more playoff games than the New England Patriots. I'm just throwing that out there. It seems like that gets lost."

New York Post

Rex Ryan, Getty Images Rex Ryan, Getty Images
April 28, 2013  09:25 AM ET

Sorry Rex, no one is confusing the Pats with the J-E-T-S.

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April 28, 2013  09:31 AM ET

For the life of me, I don't understand the Geno Smith drafting. I keep hearing that none of the QBs in the draft are high quality. I also get the impression that only a miracle will help Ryan keep his job there. So, why not let Sanchez compete with Garrard, fire Ryan after this year, and let the new coach get his quarterback?

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April 28, 2013  09:44 AM ET

it is a fair question-my take is that since its not a 1st round pick- they have far more leeway to let him sit, learn...or actually play- and if he fails - he won't be on the hook for a ton of $ and the investment isn't as high as if they used a top pick.also - now they have an 'excuse' to cut mark by the june 1st deadline- which saves them a bit of cap space, rather than letting mark play it out/(at least that is what I hope)So I don't particularly love geno- from what the talking heads say and how he played poorly in the 2nd half of the year- but if he can sit and learn, he does have talent-

Can't have it both ways, if they cut buttfumble then Geno will have to play, not sit and learn.

April 28, 2013  09:49 AM ET

Can't have it both ways, if they cut buttfumble then Geno will have to play, not sit and learn.

They have Gerrard

April 28, 2013  09:49 AM ET

Just have to decide if they want to eat 8 million.

April 28, 2013  09:50 AM ET

Can't have it both ways, if they cut buttfumble then Geno will have to play, not sit and learn.

That's true. Could be sink or swim time for Geno and if he fails, they will not have spent much $$$ and the new head coach can draft a better QB from hopefully a better pool next year.

April 28, 2013  09:52 AM ET

Rex Ryan (is the only one) defends (defending) his Jets record!!!

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April 28, 2013  09:57 AM ET

Yup.....He's supposedly healthy

David mentors Geno. Tim stays for laughs. Mark goes bye bye and Woody cries.

April 28, 2013  10:00 AM ET

* and as a fan-I IMPLORE jet management to cut mark & tebow by june 2we need to purge as much of the previous drama that has helped make the franchise a joke

I think Sanchez will be gone, but think there is a chance they keep Tebow if they are installing the read option offense.

April 28, 2013  10:01 AM ET

They have Gerrard

I think he's the starter.

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April 28, 2013  10:06 AM ET

I think he's the starter.

I think that's the plan. And mentor Geno.

April 28, 2013  10:07 AM ET

Oh yeah,....and pray v

April 28, 2013  10:31 AM ET

The mouth that roared is still roaring!

What have you done for me lately. . .
You're only as good as your last mistake. . .

April 28, 2013  10:42 AM ET

Just have to decide if they want to eat 8 million.

Well the 8 mil is gone. Now do you want it to be gone and still lose games, or be gone and take a chance on winning a few? dump buttfumble

April 28, 2013  11:55 AM ET

Technically he is right, but in the world of the NFL it comes under ancient history.


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