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Geno Smith blames agent for draft free fall


05:48 PM ET 05.02 | Geno Smith fired his agent this week after being disappointed with how far he fell in this year's draft. Honestly, I don't think anyone saw him going second round to the Jets. Although Geno speculated that he could be the number one pick, the first round seemed almost inevitable. However, Jets fans must praise Geno's ex-agent for all his mistakes, for if it wasn't for Jeff Naley, then Geno Smith would never have been a Jet and we may have been doomed to more years of Mark Sanchez. Let's see what Jeff Naley did wrong, allowing Geno to fall to the Jets. Reportedly, Naley told his client Geno Smith to skip the Senior Bowl and Smith obliged: for what reason, most people still wonder. The Senior Bowl is where many future NFL stars get to show off their talent and increase their draft stock. As a matter of fact, the Senior Bowl played a major role in making Eric Fisher the number one overall pick instead of Luke Joeckel. So why sit out? If there is any doubt that Smith wasn't a first rounder or even the best quarterback in the draft, a strong performance at the Senior Bowl would have solidified a first-round spot. Also, Naley refused to oppose Pro Football Weekly's criticism of Geno Smith. Normally, when anyone tries to bash and embarrass you, whether it be about football or baseball or intelligence or checkers, the typical response would be to make a case to prove them wrong. So why would Naley just ignore it? This kind of behavior just baffles me. Without any counter from Geno or Naley, no critics were proven wrong, leaving everyone who read it with a disappointing sense of Geno's play.

Empire Writes Back

Geno Smith, AP Photo/Ben Liebenberg Geno Smith, AP Photo/Ben Liebenberg
May 3, 2013  02:30 AM ET

Lots of speculating going on in this article.

Since we're just speculating, I'm not so sure Geno would've been drafted any higher even if he had attended the Senior Bowl. Or if his agent had disagreed with the negative publicity the author of this article finds so damning.

Again, it's just my speculation, but I wouldn't be surprised if time winds up telling us that Geno was selected more or less where he should've been.

May 3, 2013  02:36 AM ET

The Jets are in deep trouble once again. They get QB already acting like a WR primadonna and he hasn't taken one NFL snap yet. Letting Tebow go over Buttfumble Sanchez will haunt this franchise for another decade of futility.

May 3, 2013  06:01 AM ET

This kid has "bust" written all over him.

May 3, 2013  06:12 AM ET

Someone has gotten inside Geno's head. All the criticism I'm reading now, is exactly the opposite of what was said about him in college. In college, everyone always said what a hard worker he was, a team leader, high character guy etc. Now all that's changed.

May 3, 2013  06:36 AM ET

Geno speculated that he could be the number one pick

The kid has a false sense of worth.

May 3, 2013  06:55 AM ET

Again, it's just my speculation, but I wouldn't be surprised if time winds up telling us that Geno was selected more or less where he should've been.

I wouldn't be surprised if 2 years from now it appears that he was drafted much higher than he should have been.

May 3, 2013  07:05 AM ET

Delusions of Grandeur and a BIG HEAD!!! Good luck to that loser!

May 3, 2013  08:14 AM ET

I doubt the Senior Bowl would have changed anything, in either direction

May 3, 2013  08:32 AM ET

At the end of the day it's Geno Smith's responsibility to make decisions like to play or not to play in the Senior Bowl. Also, if he disagreed with what was written about him he could easily find a microphone or a scribe and set it straight.

It's called taking responsibility for one's self. Not sure he learned that lesson yet, but that big old **** kicking is on it's way full speed.

And the Jets thought Tebow was too much of a distraction. Wow!

May 3, 2013  08:34 AM ET

"a scribe"


May 3, 2013  08:55 AM ET

"a scribe"HAHA

Nice, right? :)

May 3, 2013  10:23 AM ET

A little premature to thank the agent

May 3, 2013  12:26 PM ET

Blame everyone but yourself. That's the type of player teams want.

May 3, 2013  01:01 PM ET

Yea, this clown should work out well for them

May 3, 2013  01:24 PM ET

Too Bad you guys don't live in New York, we get Hear,Read and see This Side Show every day! I personally don't think he can backup what he says, buts its sure fun listening to this Quarterback Wanna Be!!!

May 3, 2013  02:38 PM ET

It's a tale of two Geno Smith's. If evaluated after last year's first 5 games he'd be a top 10 talent. If you look at the last 8, well he wouldn't even get drafted. I read somewhere that Smith thought he should have been the #1 pick! His conduct shows a total lack of living in reality and may mean he's uncoach-able. I'd say going to the Jets will be a humbling experience as well as frustrating for Smith. It looks like he needs to mature quite a bit.

May 3, 2013  02:40 PM ET

When Geno cuts himself shaving, it's not his fault, it's the mirror's, shaver's and shaving cream's fault

If he walks into a door, it's the door's fault

May 3, 2013  05:39 PM ET

This kid is already setting Karma up against him.

May 4, 2013  07:36 AM ET

He got a job without finishing college, what's he bitching about.


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