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Growing belief that Gerald Hodges is a draft steal


08:01 PM ET 05.03 | Despite being a fourth-round selection in the 2013 NFL Draft by the Minnesota Vikings, former Penn St. linebacker Gerald Hodges is getting a lot of attention from fans and media. Former Vikings' defensive lineman Bob Lurtsema, founder of, describes Hodges as "the one to watch" and a "sleeper" according to Lurtsema says he likes the field awareness and speed of Hodges. There is a realistic chance that Hodges opens the 2013 season as a starting outside linebacker, with Erin Henderson moving to middle linebacker. The Vikings already told Hodges that they expect him to have an impact right away and team director of college scouting Scott Studwell recently said that Hodges projects as an outside linebacker for the team.

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Gerald Hodges, AP Photo/Scott Boehm Gerald Hodges, AP Photo/Scott Boehm
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May 3, 2013  08:27 PM ET

It's nice to here something good about this draft. Good luck dude.

May 4, 2013  12:32 AM ET

Based upon what? All of the progress and productivity that he has shown in week since the draft???

May 4, 2013  09:08 AM ET

That brings the current number of draft steals ( before they ever do a thing) to 97. Ask any team.

May 4, 2013  11:17 AM ET

That brings the current number of draft steals ( before they ever do a thing) to 97. Ask any team.

I agree, a draft steal or bust should be determined after their rookie season, although some people are willing to give a player 2-3 years to make a statement.

RB Alfred Morris was the steal of the 2012 draft as far as I'm concerned.

I would think that after the 2012 season that the 49ers WR A.J. Jenkins might be the biggest bust although some people are reporting that he made great strides in the off season to improve himself. He has followed Colin Kaepernick everywhere, as a matter of fact if you look in the trunk of Colin Kaepernicks new Jaguar you will find Jenkins curled up, so in case the car gets a flat, Jenkins will change the tire for Colin.

May 4, 2013  03:01 PM ET

The Vikes are the absolute best at determining talent. 3 rookie pro bowlers last year and three number ones that they did not have to go out and reach for. Plus a lot of late round talent. Wow. The NFC North has a new power house. The Packers draft is again suspect. Like last year, its hinging on what if's.
Two of there top picks last year did little to impress. Two of there top picks this year could be NFL busts. If so the power in the NFC shifts to the Lions and Vikes for several years. Ted Thomspon is not the genius people think he is.


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