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NFL trying to improve Rooney Rule


10:56 AM ET 05.05 | When NFL owners convened for the annual league meetings in March 2003 at the plush Arizona Biltmore resort in Phoenix, they implemented league legislation that has become known as the "Rooney Rule." It initially required teams hiring a head coach to interview a minority candidate, and was expanded in 2007 to include general manager searches. Ten years later, the NFL owners met at the same resort for another round of the annual meetings. The Rooney Rule was again discussed. But the conversation this past March was about refinement, because even though the rule was followed, the results were unsatisfactory for the league during this past hiring cycle. Not a single minority candidate was hired for one of the eight head coaching and seven general manager vacancies. "We were disappointed in the results this year," NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said. "We think that some of the changes we are making [will] make sure we get the right candidates better training, and we really are doing a better job of getting them in front of the people who are making the decisions. That is going to be the best way to pay dividends." The league's first major step will take place in Philadelphia this week, when the NFL holds a career development symposium at Penn's Wharton School of Business from Monday to Wednesday. Potential head coach and general manager candidates will attend, with panels on such topics as the expectations of ownership and managing relationships with the front office.

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May 5, 2013  11:04 AM ET

Maybe hiring the best minority for the job is why they keep looking for head office staff

May 5, 2013  11:13 AM ET

This is starting to sound dangerously like a quota system.

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May 5, 2013  11:17 AM ET

They need to do away with it, if people can't see the potential coaching ability of someone, then it's their loss.

It isn't about the teams' losses, it's about the people who don't get a shot despite deserving one.

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May 5, 2013  11:20 AM ET

Just a bunch of useless lawyers wasting huge sums of money on something that doesn't mean squat to anyone.

May 5, 2013  12:18 PM ET

It isn't about the teams' losses, it's about the people who don't get a shot despite deserving one.

People would be against the "Rooney Rule" if they referred to it as " Token Interviewee Rule ".

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May 5, 2013  12:27 PM ET

Well, I have an idea, time to apply that rule for a new commissioner....

May 5, 2013  01:25 PM ET

Just call it afirmative action for football

May 5, 2013  01:54 PM ET

People would be against the "Rooney Rule" if they referred to it as " Token Interviewee Rule ".

Like I always say...

If you are going to tell people the truth, make them laugh. Otherwise, they will kill you.

-George Bernard Shaw

May 5, 2013  07:44 PM ET

What's Mickey Rooney got to do with the NFL?

May 6, 2013  09:48 AM ET

Gee, lets see, were supposed to be upset if all the coaches hired are white but not upset if they were all black. That's the problem with the Rooney Rule, it fails to acknowledge that at times some coaches are ready to coach and are black and some times they aren't. Lets not forget we have a lot of black GM's now running the show so how are black's being descriminated against???????????????????
A lot of black coaches losts their jobs due to sucking at coaching. Lets not forget that either so brining in replacements who may be white this time around is kind of fair I think.

May 6, 2013  09:51 AM ET

Race should be irrelevant. It is a shame that it is still an issue in our society. Especially in sports. Race shouldnt matter

May 6, 2013  08:57 PM ET

Let teams hire the best person available for the job. People were upset a black GM or head coach was not hied. Well o didn't here them complain that an Asian or Hispanic or Indian wasent hired. About people saying the NFL is rasist is just a bunch of bull. More then probably 75% are black or minority. Get rid of a racially motivated rule what are they going to do say 50% of GM's and coaches need too be minoitie?


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