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Phillies' plan failing early on


11:02 AM ET 05.05 | The Phillies were constructed for 2013 on the precarious hope that their aging veteran starters would pitch well and that their aging everyday players would regain their productivity. Around that central theme, the front office sprinkled journeymen and prospects who might be good enough if everything else went right. At the moment, as they attempt to get well against the dreadful Miami Marlins this weekend, the Phils look like nothing more or less than a .500 baseball team once again. They are alternately good enough to earn a tough split against a solid St. Louis team and just bad enough to get shut down by the Cleveland Indians. Their record would be far worse than it is if not for the Mets and the Marlins, against whom they are 9-3 heading into Sunday's series finale. That includes Saturday night's shutout loss. If the season were made of nothing but Mets and Marlins, the Phillies might even get by, but that's not how it works in the major leagues, a fact that will become more apparent at the end of this month when they finish with seven straight against the Nationals and Red Sox. The front office wanted to go for it with this group just one more time, betting more than anything that Roy Halladay would rebound and that the infield troika of Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, and Jimmy Rollins had a last hurrah before the long silence. In a town that supposedly values courage over the timid approach of waiting for the light in order to cross, the dice roll should be applauded. We'll see how that goes. On the offensive side, at least with that aging core, more has gone right than wrong. Utley and Howard are playing every day and hitting for decent averages with strong production. Rollins is lolling down around .245 with no pop and a lot of strikeouts.

Roy Halladay, Jason Miller/Getty Images Roy Halladay, Jason Miller/Getty Images
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May 5, 2013  12:07 PM ET

Stick a fork in them.

May 5, 2013  12:14 PM ET

The world needs ditch diggers Danny.

May 5, 2013  12:22 PM ET

So, they are 5-14 against everybody not named Marlins or Mets. Well, that is not good.

May 5, 2013  05:21 PM ET

WHAT PLAN???? Morons of the NL East--- with Dudley Dickerson on first base!!! Maybe he needs to start making Three Stooges films again??? Marble Mouth Manuel's press conference will be entertaining...

May 5, 2013  05:22 PM ET

He calls himself "DOC"??? What a RUBE....

May 5, 2013  05:23 PM ET

The SILLIES---- .400 ball is normal.... Losers of the sports world...

May 5, 2013  05:25 PM ET

Anybody surpsied by Philly's failures was kidding themselves. The collapse of the Phillies was pretty damn easy to predict.

The rotation is ancient and the lineup is weak. How could anyone possibly have expected more?

At least Mets/Marlins fans are rational enough to expect suckiness.

May 5, 2013  05:25 PM ET

And as I've been saying for over a year now, Roy Halladay is done.

May 5, 2013  05:25 PM ET

Same with Lincecum.

May 5, 2013  05:27 PM ET

Same with Lincecum.

Yep. Glad he did the Giants a favor last year by turning down their $100 MM extension offer.

May 5, 2013  05:28 PM ET

Yep. Glad he did the Giants a favor last year by turning down their $100 MM extension offer.

Yeah, really... that could've been disastrous.

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May 5, 2013  05:48 PM ET

He calls himself "DOC"??? What a RUBE....

Actually he doesn't call himself Doc. Someone hung that (somewhat stupid) moniker on him. It's supposed to refer to Doc Holliday from the OK Corral. Makes little sense.

May 5, 2013  06:29 PM ET

Sell off the parts that you can and rebuild the team. Keep Hamels, Kendrick, and Revere. Perhaps Brown, but if you can deal him for value, do it. Mayberry may stay if he's willing to be a spare part off the bench, not a starter.Everyone else goes. Lots of teams will take Lee and his salary, and Halladay would still have value. If you can send Paps packing, do it.The infield of Howard, Young, Utley and Rollins can be shipped around MLB for young guys. Howard's deal may keep him in Philly...if so, so be it. The OF guys such as Delmon Young gotta go.These guys will be hot commodities come June and July, as some teams think they are contenders. Deal them for young pitching and young hitters. Just do it.Potential buyers...Utley - Kansas City, Washington, the Dodgers.Rollins - St. Louis, Pittsburgh, Seattle.M. Young - Texas (yes, Texas), the Cubs, and White Sox.D. Young - Indians, RaysPaps - Tigers, CardinalsHalladay - Toronto, many othersLee - everyone and their dog

They should've traded Carlos Ruiz last year, too, while he still had pretty good value.

May 5, 2013  11:43 PM ET

Halladay has an ERA of almost 9.00 and today gave up 9 runs in a 14-2 loss to the woeful Marlins.

Yeah, I guess you could say the season is not going according to Philly's plan.

May 6, 2013  02:50 AM ET

I don't see many clubs willing to take Phillys aging infielders at the expense of giving up young talented prospects that Philly will want. Philly hung on to these infielders too long. teams like Houston and Miami might be interested to bolster their lineups until some of their prospects develope. Philly might as well face the fact that they will have to rebuild. it 's obvious that Philly was not going anywhere this year with their current roster. Bring up any talent from minors , play them see what they can do.

May 6, 2013  06:48 AM ET

The SILLIES---- .400 ball is normal.... Losers of the sports world...

Obvously you have a short term surprise there.....they won it all in '08 with most of this group of players......probably a Cubs fan.....yea, bush was right....nice name!!!!!

May 6, 2013  11:50 AM ET

What Time is it? It's Philly Phal Time so the writer says, I disagree, but what do I know! Perfection is in the eye of the beholder!!!!!!!

May 6, 2013  01:09 PM ET

Obvously you have a short term surprise there.....they won it all in '08 with most of this group of players......probably a Cubs fan.....yea, bush was right....nice name!!!!!

I think he's actually a NY MESS fan, living in his mother's basement, his cheeto-addled brain typing up sophomoric prose, the likes of which not seen since Jane Goodall's study of chimps.....


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