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Renovations on hold for Hurricanes' home field


06:32 PM ET 05.06 | Renovation plans for Sun Life Stadium in Miami are on hold after the Dolphins' request for public funds to help with the project was denied. This also affects the building's other tenant -- the Miami Hurricanes. Among other things, the Hurricanes could have used the stadium upgrades in their recruiting pitches, but they'll have to settle for the aging facility as it stands now. The $400 million renovation plans include a canopy and improved seating that would bring fans closer to the field.

Palm Beach Post

, Michael Heiman Michael Heiman
May 6, 2013  06:40 PM ET

The project is dead in the water because of the fiasco down there with the Marlins stadium. Unfortunate beneficiaries of the fallout from Marlins money grab for their new stadium.

May 6, 2013  06:42 PM ET

would rather the canes not play at sun life..

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May 6, 2013  08:11 PM ET

would rather the canes not play at sun life..

How far from the campus to Sun Life?

May 6, 2013  09:49 PM ET

The U is caught up in Fl/Miami politics; bad place to be,
Good luck!

May 6, 2013  10:20 PM ET

aging facility? just how old is this stadium? and why doesn't miami have it's own stadium?

May 6, 2013  11:07 PM ET

The U is caught up in Fl/Miami politics; bad place to be,Good luck!

Just a guess, but I'd say about 25 miles, and tons of traffic.

May 7, 2013  07:02 AM ET

aging facility? just how old is this stadium? and why doesn't miami have it's own stadium?

If I'm not mistaken, Miami used to play in the old Orange Bowl stadium. Miami's football program is relatively new. Rather than build a stadium, they've played at existing facilities. The team played at the available old Orange Bowl until its fate was sealed, then moved to Sun Life stadium. svt may provide the inside skinny.

May 7, 2013  08:29 AM ET

This is a sideways recycle of the article they had in the NFL section yesterday.

The stadium is 25 years old. I would hardly describe it as "aging." The seating issue (too far away from the action) was because they designed the stadium for baseball use as well as football use, which is how they got the Marlins there in the first place. The canopy issue came about because Goodell said after the last Super Bowl there that the NFL might not come back to Miami unless they were put into place because (gasp!) the fans* got rained on during the Super Bowl.

(* By "fans" he meant the corporate fat cats and sponsors who have most of the seats there. Whenever they get inconvenienced - traffic issues at the Pontiac Silverdome, too far away for the corporate jets at U of Phoenix Stadium - it becomes a major issue.)

Sorry, but the stadium is primarily a privately-owned venture. Let the owner fix the dang thing.

And if The U wants to build their own stadium, they only need to build one that holds 20,000 for most of their games, since that's all that's usually needed; they can rent SunLife for the bigger games (Florida and FSU).

May 7, 2013  08:30 AM ET

The stadium will get renovated. Miami doesn't want to lose the Dolphins.


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