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LeBron James not shocked with Game 1 loss


03:30 PM ET 05.07 | While most of the sports world was shocked when the Chicago Bulls marched in to Miami and upset the Heat in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference semifinals, Miami Heat star LeBron James didn't seemed as surprised with the outcome of the game. Following the Heat's loss, James shared his thoughts on the team's performance and he didn't appear to be too concerned with how things have begun this series. "I'm not stunned," James said after the game 1 loss, via the Associated Press. "This is what the playoffs is all about. We're going against a really good team." To be fair to James, the Heat were coming off of a layoff of more than a week while the Bulls were riding the momentum of a Game 7 win over the Brooklyn Nets. As you could see from Miami's 5-of-19 performance from the field in the first-quarter, they certainly had some rust to shake off.

LeBron James, Getty Images LeBron James, Getty Images
May 7, 2013  10:59 PM ET

why is this anything about James or the Heat having a lay off? This is about the Bulls and the courage they've displayed the entire season.

May 8, 2013  12:17 AM ET


Bulls playin' with a lot of heart for most of the year. And they showed last night they ain't about to roll-over for the natter who is or isn't playing!

May 8, 2013  02:38 AM ET

Bulls deserve a lot of credit for winning game one. But there was a game to steal from the Heat at home game 1 would be the most likely.

May 8, 2013  06:19 AM ET

Consider the series over. They won one, ensured that the series won't end in 4, and that's about it. They won't be winning another game. 4 game sweep coming. Miami needed this loss. Everyone was cold and it didn't really come as a surprise. Battier, Allen, Miller, even Lebron and Wade were not at the top of their games. But I will give the Bulls their credit. They earned the win. It wasn't a gift.

May 8, 2013  07:18 AM ET

Chicago in 6

May 8, 2013  08:29 AM ET

The playoffs are awesome this year! :)

May 8, 2013  09:03 AM ET

Win Some and Lost Some, Bro.

May 8, 2013  09:08 AM ET

Maybe if they lose Game 2 tonight, the Lebron will be "shocked"!

May 8, 2013  09:09 AM ET

The playoffs are awesome this year! :)

+1 yep, interesting and unpredictable

May 8, 2013  11:00 AM ET

............Miami needed this loss..........

Oh please......that's so ridiculous. No team EVER needs a loss.

Teams need a win.....every time out. And if a team 'wins out' of a series or tournament undefeated, no one is gonna jump up and say......"yeah, but its too bad they didn't lose; they'd have been so much better if they had".....

See? Sounds pretty dumb, don't it?

May 8, 2013  02:18 PM ET

They better not play around with Chicago. Once Deng and Hinrich get back the Bulls will be trouble for the Heat. I think Rose is going to play game 3 honestly. If you dont turn it over, outrebound them, and limit their transition opportunities the Heat are beatable. They can't win if they aren't running.

May 8, 2013  02:23 PM ET

The Bulls deserve their due credit for the game 1 win, but make no mistake. There is NO WAY Miami loses this series.

May 8, 2013  04:03 PM ET

The Bulls deserve their due credit for the game 1 win, but make no mistake. There is NO WAY Miami loses this series.

If Gloria has thought his son anything.. it is that anything can happen. Just look how Mr. West came through styling...

May 8, 2013  05:09 PM ET

Everybody at some point in time gets a wake up call!!!

May 8, 2013  06:26 PM ET

Everybody at some point in time gets a wake up call!!!

The Heat alarm just went off!


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