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Angels may make changes under Scioscia


07:04 AM ET 05.09 | Nearly a year ago, the Angels fired hitting coach Mickey Hatcher in a move that seemed to wake up an underachieving offense. While General Manager Jerry Dipoto wouldn't directly answer a question about the possibility of a similar move in a season in which Manager Mike Scioscia and pitching coach Mike Butcher have come under fire because of the team's 11-21 start, he did not sound like an ax-wielding executive Wednesday. "There are a number of things that have gone wrong the first five weeks of the season, and to put the onus on one person is entirely unfair," Dipoto said. "We all got ourselves in this position. We're all going to find a way out."

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May 9, 2013  07:39 AM ET

Their big FA signing is hitting below the Mendoza line.

That could be part of the problem.

May 9, 2013  07:52 AM ET

Trade Trout to the Bosox for that guy who started last night.

May 9, 2013  08:21 AM ET

.....that would be 11-22...big mike is the him....gets lucky one time 14 years ago and has made a good living off that ever since.....hes no ron wahsington....

May 9, 2013  08:37 AM ET

.hes no ron wahsington....

LOL. You are joking, right?

May 9, 2013  09:24 AM ET

LOL. You are joking, right?

Did you not read his name? That should tell you all you need to know.

May 9, 2013  09:39 AM ET

Forgot all about the Hatcher firing last year. Hmmm?

May 9, 2013  09:44 AM ET

Depota and scosia won't have to find their way out. Owner ship will show them the door out.

May 9, 2013  09:51 AM ET

After 14 years and the struggles the angels are having this year and their record last year,Scosia time in Angel land is just about through. Scosia needs a change. Dodgers would be likely fit. Will dodgers fire mattingly to make room for Sciosa? would Sciosia want the strugglng Dodgers?

May 9, 2013  09:59 AM ET

hes no ron wahsington....

But, that's a good thing.

May 9, 2013  10:14 AM ET

Forgot all about the Hatcher firing last year. Hmmm?

Hatcher got the hatchet.

May 9, 2013  11:08 AM ET

How are Wells,Napoli,Hunter doing ?

May 9, 2013  11:45 AM ET

Fire the GM.

If the GM has to go,the rest of coaching staff and manager has to go as well,i mean everything has gone south, and nothing can be fixed unless, the team replace every coaching staff/manager/GM/ the team may staqrt to wakeup by mid-june but is not too late by then????

May 9, 2013  11:47 AM ET

Their big FA signing is hitting below the Mendoza line. That could be part of the problem.

the HALOS need to do some upgraded in their lineup,its earlier but is better now than be done by june won't be??

May 9, 2013  11:50 AM ET

I mean, bench, HAMILTON and PUJOLS for one full week who knows?? they may feel better after a week off, well rested,, the team can't be wasting time and games just because they really want to play their biggest star players,,,(hamilton/pujols) can't find the right pitch to swing, and time still running and everything is going backwards,,,,

May 9, 2013  11:52 AM ET

How are Wells,Napoli,Hunter doing ?

this players are pulling a leg together in their new teams,,oh yeah they are playing great baseball!!!

May 9, 2013  11:57 AM ET

should the angels put their manager and their GM on the DL list??
about those useless hitting coach/and pitching coach? angels just do me a favor,,,put the whole coaching staff in the DL list,,,,,and just play with a replaced coaching staff,,,,in that way IF the team FAILS the angels have a great excuse!!!!!

May 9, 2013  12:00 PM ET

Trade Trout to the Bosox for that guy who started last night.

the team would need a major reshape,, pitching rotation needs to be complete replaced/the bullpen has to be renovated all at once,,,,and pitching coach and hitting coach SHOULD BE FIRED!!!!

May 9, 2013  12:01 PM ET

the angels OWNER is really dissappointed with his new GM, things aren't working at all and DIPOTO can't give the right answer to the boss!!!

May 9, 2013  12:03 PM ET

the whole halos lineup are out of sink,can't hit/can't deffend can't pitch/can't safe games/ and what's worse can't perform as a team!!!


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