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Has Dallas become a mediocre sports city?


05:38 PM ET 05.09 | Suddenly, Dallas has become a mediocre sports town. The Dallas Cowboys finished 8-8. The Dallas Mavericks finished 41-41, and the Dallas Stars finished 22-22-4. Luckily, the Texas Rangers finished 93-69, but even their recent success meant last season's lackluster finish seem mediocre. Dallas fans are used to winning. We are used to the Mavs winning 50+ games in 11-straight seasons. We are used to watching playoff basketball in May and June, 12 years in a row as a matter of fact. We are used to seeing the Stars at least contend for a spot in the NHL playoffs. The past five seasons don't tell the story, but in the early part of this millennium, Stars tickets were impossible to come by. But the Cowboys, Mavericks and even the Rangers are in a decline and it's one that is destroying the aura that used to surround the city in the '90s when it was a bonafide sports hub in America.

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Dallas Cowboys, AP Photo/Matt Strasen Dallas Cowboys, AP Photo/Matt Strasen
May 10, 2013  03:16 AM ET

Now those are some eye-opening numbers. I had no idea. A good start toward better w/l numbers would be for all the townfolk to get some pitchforks and torches and chase JJ out of the state. Couldn't hurt.

May 10, 2013  05:18 AM ET

It seems to be all about ownership.

jerry jones has become incompetent at his position. It's beginning to look like mr. jones is following in Al Davis' footsteps. Have fun with that one dallas fans.

Mark Cuban went for broke with his 2011 squad and brought home a Championship. Now the Mav's have faded away. Sometimes I wish each league would only have Championship games every two years. Just to let the fans really enjoy the victory without having to immediately defend it.

nolan ryan is a reda**. I enjoyed watching that sour fat face cringe when the San Francisco Giants and St. Louis Cardinals whipped his team.

hockey sucks

May 10, 2013  08:20 AM ET

"Has Dallas become a mediocre sports city?" Do bears **** in the woods?

May 10, 2013  10:28 AM ET

the mavs have been good for so long...... and it was just 2 yrs ago they were holding the championship trophy. so one bad season for the mavs doesn't replace what they've accomplished the last 5-7 yrs. if we don't have cuban as their owner we don't have that title. he will make changes and get them competitive again.

the rangers have been a big success the last 3-4 yrs and would expect the same again this season.

the stars and MAINLY the cowboys are the huge disappointment in dallas. hockey.... when does the season start/end??? but the cowboys are becoming THE JOKE of the NFL along with their owner. JJ is absolutely destroying the cowboys....... i've known more 20+ yr fans that have simply stopped watching the cowboys the last 5 yrs than i've seen in my 35+ yrs as a fan.

fans have always hated JJ for the way he handled things when he bought the team and even more so for allowing his huge ego to run jimmy off, but his mug is now becoming repulsive to many fans today. honestly, many just HATE to see him.... a photo, commercial, quotes.... this guy is absoutely becoming the al davis and bud adams (when in houston) of the league.

May 10, 2013  10:52 AM ET

...but the cowboys are becoming THE JOKE of the NFL along with their owner.

Oh now, there there. It'll be okay. You know the Cowboys will never be the joke of the NFL as long as that circus is still running up in New York.

May 10, 2013  01:57 PM ET

I thought JJ was a smart man but he's not he's a rich idiot...

May 11, 2013  09:56 AM ET

Replace "become" with "has always been".

May 11, 2013  04:15 PM ET

"...when it was a bonafide sports hub in America." Somebody is really full of themselves in the lone star state.


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