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Has Kevin Durant's superstar bubble burst?


03:47 AM ET 05.16 | Facts are facts, and after last night's series-ending loss to the Memphis Grizzlies, Thunder fans are waking up this morning with aching hearts. The loss can't totally be pinned on Kevin Durant, but we have to be fair in our criticism of NBA superstars and just because Durant keeps to himself and doesn't rub people the wrong way doesn't mean he's exempt from the fingers that were pointed at LeBron James until he finally won a title last season. We all have to admit that the Russell Westbrook injury was far more devastating than initially thought, and that's where animosity toward Durant starts. The idea was that while losing Westbrook was harsh, Durant is an MVP-caliber superstar and was expected to carry the team as such. But as we learned the hard way: you can have a Lamborgini with sexy rims and a sleek paint job, but without an engine it's just nice to look at and doesn't go anywhere. Unfortunately, people that think they talk about sports for a living but actually just mouth breathe live on television think that we all need a person to rally against. LeBron James was the king of this sort of treatment and still is to those who are stark defenders of Michael Jordan's honor. Tim Tebow got the reverse treatment from the mouth breathers and it's Durant's turn to be made an example of by pundits.


Kevin Durant, AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki Kevin Durant, AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki
May 16, 2013  03:55 PM ET

Hey. Nobody is perfect. Cut the muthaflower a break.

May 16, 2013  04:16 PM ET

Stupid question. Give that intern a raise.

May 16, 2013  04:29 PM ET

Fansided is becoming the New York Post...

May 16, 2013  05:14 PM ET

I'm sure KD will take this as a slap on the face, work harder, and come back even better. When RW is back, they need some help in the middle. Perkins has to go, and bring in someone like Asik or Kaman that can score somewhat. Fisher is done, I'm not sure if they have enough money to make a play for Bledsoe.

As Wade wears down, if and when the Heat lose interest, OKC WILL have their turn to make it their year. They just have to be patient and keep working at it.

May 16, 2013  09:40 PM ET

Durant has got to stop hoisting up bricks and at least try to get what remains of his teammates involved in the offense. Kevin is starting to remind me of Bob McAdoo or, dare I say it, AI (before AI goes to debtor's prison that is).

May 17, 2013  08:58 AM ET

Fansided is becoming the New York Post...

Yup and this is a recycled article.

May 17, 2013  08:59 AM ET

Yup and this is a recycled article.

Maybe not. I read this yesterday.

May 17, 2013  04:27 PM ET

I would say that you right, but you're not. kevin Durant for all his flaws has always been pretty forthcoming when it comes to the importance of Russell Westbrook to the team. Forget guys like Skip Bayless that feel that if Russell weren't there KD could put up BIGGER numbers. The Grizzles put the thinking to bed permanently. Doesn't matter how good you are, EVERYONE needs a little help from their friends.
That being said, KD said and I quote ???I???m not going to ever compromise myself or my integrity or what I believe in to win some basketball games or to win a championship. That???s just how I was brought up. I guess he really isn't tired enough of coming in second. People roast LeBron for being man enough to know what his goal was as a man & a Player, and being smart enough to realize that he needed help. And regardless of what anyone thought he's the better for it.
Kevin may not compromise who he is, but he better get use to the fact that at the end of the day he may end his career like some of the GREATS before him, (ie: Charles barkley, Patrick Ewing: Bob Lanier to mention a few)

May 21, 2013  12:23 PM ET

So....we thought Westbrook was the problem.


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