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Roy Halladay may return to Phillies at end of June


03:16 AM ET 05.17 | After having his shoulder cleaned out yesterday afternoon in California, the Phillies have already given fans a possible date for when Roy Halladay could begin working toward a return. According to the team, Roy Halladay could begin throwing again in six to eight weeks, barring any setbacks. This information comes via ESPN. And also according to the article, if Doc's rehab remains on schedule, the Phillies could be looking at a mid-July return. But as Philadelphia fans found out the hard way this year with Andrew Bynum, the chances that there are no set-backs after surgery isn't very good. The difference between Halladay and Bynum is that Halladay would kill to be on the mound, whereas Bynum would rather be killed than be on the court. So realistically speaking, early August seems like a fair date to expect Doc back on the mound for the Phillies.

Section 215

Roy Halladay, AP Photo/Michael Perez Roy Halladay, AP Photo/Michael Perez
May 17, 2013  03:40 PM ET

Roy Halladay shouldn't return in this season period,unless he doesn't care about his arm any more,should halladay return in june? or in may? about in sewptember? about next september??surgeries are a serious matters,never understimate them nobody knows how serious they are untill they experimented in their own flesh!!!

May 17, 2013  03:41 PM ET

if the angels regreted or not by signing Hamilton to a 5 years deal?? all those question marks?? wouldn't help the falling halos at all!!!

May 17, 2013  03:44 PM ET

the angels can't continue throwing the money in past success, the players were good in their teams/cardenals/rangers/,,but in the halos team,,i would think 5 years deal/and 10 years deal??that's plenty time to relax and don't need to do anything until their last year of their contract,,plain and simple!!!

May 17, 2013  03:49 PM ET

top options for the albastros angels season???trades most fix the majority in their struggles/offensive/and deffensive/not to be ready for next season rather be ready in 5 years or so,,,the halos need desperately to reload their farm system just like that,,why waste time and money??why run the risk in uneccesary injuries?the team should avoid injuries as much as they can,,the season is lost and the players in general don't want to play as a top professionall,,,,

May 17, 2013  03:53 PM ET

the halos should trade,,,,,TRUMBO, for pitching prospects from the RAYS,,the halos should trade,SS AYBAR/iannetta/CALLASPO/HOWI KENDRICK/MADSON/HANSON/VARGAS/the team should have a least a slim small amount of luck with some of this players,,, to be able to get a top prospects in return!!!!

May 17, 2013  04:59 PM ET

The older you are the longer the recovery period!

May 18, 2013  02:06 AM ET

Halliday may return to phillies in june .Question is are effective will Halliday? Is he rushing back too soon? Time will tell but at his age any ailment including surgery will take longer to heal. Hopefully he will be smart. If Halliday feels any discomfort he should set himself out Even if he has to wait until august or later.

May 18, 2013  05:25 AM ET

Doc is a fierce competitor, but this is one time to take it easy. Come back too early and rip up your shoulder even worse is bad hoo-doo.

May 18, 2013  07:08 AM ET

the SILLIES will be 15 games out by then,,,,,

May 18, 2013  09:12 AM ET

The Phils are doing well. The season is young and as long as they continue to beat NY teams, I'm good. Go Phils. The best sports city in the country !

May 18, 2013  11:42 AM ET

Dear Section 215,

Please step away from the Bong...

If you listened 'closely' to ESPN, they said Doc would begin a Throwing program in 8 weeks (Mid-July)...

There is a small difference between a throwing program and getting back in games...

It's OK to dream... Just spare the rest of us :-)


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