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Could Cavs trade entire draft for shot at Nerlens Noel?


11:25 AM ET 05.19 | Suppose the Cavs end up with the No. 3 pick. They could offer their entire draft (all four picks) for No. 1, and that team could still draft someone such as Otto Porter at No. 3. Nerlens Noel is ideal for the Cavs, a team on a mission to improve its defense. He blocks shots, 4.4 per game. He can rebound, 9.5 per game. He influences the game defensively with a 7-4 wing span. What did the Cavs talk about all season? Improving the defense. Add Noel into the middle of the lane and suddenly there is help for Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters, who both have trouble on defense. Some of those layups the Cavs yielded a year ago will be blocked or missed at the rim. Noel would instantly transform the defense, and he's worth the wait for his knee to heal.

Cleveland Plain Dealer

Nerlens Noel, Orlando Sentinel/Getty Images Nerlens Noel, Orlando Sentinel/Getty Images
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May 19, 2013  11:45 AM ET

Cavs can afford to trade all of their picks but is Noel really that worth it? We saw what Davis did for the Pelicans and he is a lot better than Noel and w/ no knee injury.

May 19, 2013  11:47 AM ET


Please do it!!!

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May 19, 2013  12:16 PM ET

I have heard a lot about this that is for sure.....apparently ever GM and scout thinks Noel is the #1 pick by a large margin

I obviously do not share those thoughts.....but seriously- I dont think I have seen even 1 mock draft where he does not go #1.....strange

May 19, 2013  12:16 PM ET

Nobody wants Pau...lmao

you have to GIVE UP 20M in salary to take on Pau and make the money work- thats basically half of most teams unless its a bum like Amare

May 19, 2013  12:17 PM ET

geez...just draft Porter and then take like Glenn Rice Jr wit the 19th pick or trade up with those other 2 2nd rounders to get back into the early teens to get another potential stud....

3, 19, 31, 33....along with a ton of cap room to play with- should be able to manage all that into some good assets-

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May 19, 2013  12:21 PM ET

In 5 years, the top players in this draft will be:1. CJ Mccolom * Rookie of the Year*2. Otto Porter3. Ben McElmore4. Michael Carter-Williams * if he falls to the Thunder.....good Lawd*5. Trey BurkeOlidipo will be solid too.Noel is closer to Thabeet than he is to Dikembe and Bennett is the next Ike Diogu not the next Barkley.

Noel is athletic me, you know I dont want the Cavs to draft him- but the kid is an athlete--- Thabeet was stiff and not athletic.....

my big board for the Cavs-

1. Porter
2. McLemore
3. Oladipo
4. Noel
5. Bennet
6. Muahammed

what I THINK their draft board looks like

1. Noel (i think just about every GM in the leaugue has him #1 for whatever reason)
2. Porter
3. McLemore
4. Oladipo
5. Len
6. Bennet

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May 19, 2013  12:26 PM ET

I have seen at last 3 where Mcelmore goes 1 to the Pelicans andBurke goes #1 to Orlando.I think it depends on draft order. So, we will know more Tuesday.I really don't ee the Pelicans or Magic takng Noel when they have Davis or Vuvicic, Tobias and Harkless. Noel is not a center. He is a skinny power forward and a project. I hear folks aving about the game where he had 12 blocks. That is impressive.....But, they forgot to mention he dad ZERO pts!He wil foul out in the 3rd quarter of many games because all he does is chase shots.

geez....Burke going #1 would be kinda crazy....if Marcus Smart was in this draft and orlando picked #1 he was basically a sure thing

i cannot believe that kid went back to school- im kinda upset Isiah Austin of Baylor went back to school- i thought he would be a good pick with the Lakers pick the Cavs have

May 19, 2013  12:27 PM ET

He is not...lmaoHe has a better skill set. But, he is hurt and gutless.They couldn't give him away last year. He's older and softer. So, exactly why would that change?Nobody will trade a first rounder for him.

no one has the contracts to give up to get him...the Clippers would hae to trade half their roster for that PLUs give up an asset like a pick?

not happening

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May 19, 2013  12:29 PM ET

I really hope that this Noel talk is just reporters- or the Cavs wanting to create an image they are going for him so other teams have to move up if they want him

Otto Porter Jr. is just such an amazing fit for them...he does EVERYTHINg they need.....can defend multiple positions well, can shoot the outside shot, threaten the rim, great leader and team player....

Oladipo i think would be a great pick too.....McLemore is a boom or bust guy- he could be poor mans RAy Allen

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