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Jaworski: Kelly's offense doesn't project to NFL


04:37 PM ET 05.24 | The Philadelphia Eagles believe Chip Kelly's offense is going to be a success in the NFL, but Ron Jaworski doesn't feel the same. The former Eagles quarterback and current ESPN NFL analyst told 97.5 The Fanatic (via that he doesn't think Kelly's offense is going to fare well in the pros. "It???s going to be interesting to see if this style of offense projects to the NFL," Jaws said during an interview with Harry Mayes and Nick Kayal. "I???m going to say no. I just don???t see NFL passing concepts in this offense. It???s a movement offense by the quarterback, off the run-action, off the read-action. A lot of short, quick passes, dart routes, bubble screens. Very few plays down the field with NFL passing concepts."

97.5 The Fanatic, via

TV personality Ron Jaworski, Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports TV personality Ron Jaworski, Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports
May 24, 2013  04:43 PM ET

Jaws needs to remember that he is only good dismantling plays after they happen.

Kelly's NFL offense hasn't been put on display yet, keep your big effing yap shut. Talk about the 2010 playoffs or something, you know, something that you have the ability to do.

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May 24, 2013  04:54 PM ET

Barcardi and Coke, just about that Time! Oh, Jaws is Going to be eating a lot of crow this year!

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May 24, 2013  05:04 PM ET

I'm pretty certain that Chip Kelly has already stated that he doesn't plan on running the same plays in the NFL that he ran in college.

I can understand how many fans never got the memo... but Ron Jaworski is paid to stay informed.

May 24, 2013  05:05 PM ET

You are absolutely correct, but look at this from Jaws' perspective:Its May. nothing is happening, there are no stories out there and I have a deadline.Hmmmm. Why don't I trash Chip Kelly's college offense and day it will not work in NFL.Disingenuous, but effective.

If he's right he gets to jump up and down and shout about how right he was.

If he's wrong... people will forget because he said it all the way back in May... and he'll never have to own it.

It's a win / win.

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May 24, 2013  05:53 PM ET

Barcardi and Coke, just about that Time! Oh, Jaws is Going to be eating a lot of crow this year!

Hopin'! If Vick can stay healthy and the offensive line is stronger than week old tapioca, then things may happen! Vick's got it in him!

May 24, 2013  08:45 PM ET

I think the photo of Jaws included tells us all we need to know.

Plenty of captions are awaitin', aren't they?

May 24, 2013  11:48 PM ET

Jaws needs to keep his focus on getting Tebow under contract.

May 25, 2013  08:38 AM ET

I think Jaws is correct on this one though. The eagles will do well this year, and the offense will be the new rage, at least at the beginning part of the season, as teams unfamiliar with its nuiances struggle to adapt to stopping it. Then one team in the middle-to-late part of the season will shut it down completely, and with the blueprint written, all other teams will copy-cat it and it will find a nice place on the shelf next to the wildcat and other gimmicky offenses.

PEople are forgetting the Pats ran almost the exact type of offense, and they couldnt maintan it for a variety of reasons. The biggest reason though was the salary cap. When you pay the skill-positions on offense, that leaves very little to cover the defensive side of the ball. And if the offense is so fast paced, that means they will either score quick, or punt quick, putting your defensive out there more. Any ANY weakness in this defense will be exploited heavily, not to mention tire out quickly.

This worked in college, as he had more players/bodies to sub-in/out, more younger players, and he didnt play all that much defense as the conference he was in was an offensive conference for the most part. And the few teams that could play good great defense usually shut his team down enough to win. The salary cap wont allow he this same luxury.

One other thing he'll have to worry about is the conditioning/NFL whiner issue. Most vets will go along with this run-til-you-puke strategy as long as they are winning, but there will always be some that will be bitching and moaning before long. And if they start losing, the circus will start...


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