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NHL to look into Duncan Keith's slash on Jeff Carter


04:19 AM ET 06.05 | The Los Angeles Kings got a game back on the Chicago Blackhawks Tuesday night, but the NHL is going to be reviewing tape of the game for reasons other than enjoyment. In the second period of the Kings' 3-1 win over the Blackhawks, Chicago defenseman Duncan Keith slashed the neck of Kings forward Jeff Carter with his stick. Where the controversy arises is that while Keith was assessed a double minor for high sticking, Kings fans and Carter himself insist that Keith slashed the forward's face on purpose. To his credit, while it looked like Keith was getting into the face of Carter who was visibly shaken up on the play, the Blackhawks defenseman insists that all contact was accidental and that after the incident he was just trying to apologize to Carter. The video evidence backs this up as Keith went toward a sprawled out Carter after the play in a non-aggressive motion, but was violently held back by the line judge. What the NHL is looking at, according to writer Dan Rosen, is whether or not Keith was so accidental about slashing Carter's face with his stick and a possible suspension might result because of it.


Duncan Keith, AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill Duncan Keith, AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill
June 5, 2013  10:49 PM ET

Give it up! You gotta be the only thing in the universe more bogus than the Nat Ho League.

June 5, 2013  11:54 PM ET

Three threads and counting for this topic and this is before Chief Justice Shanahan makes his ruling. Expect many more.

June 6, 2013  12:17 AM ET

Holy crap, just watched Bergeron's OT winner, Bruins up 3-0! Who would have thought?

June 6, 2013  12:23 AM ET

HOOK - Yup, Yippee, we're the best cheaters - just a little shallow though ain't it - and before ya start griping - I'm a fairly much Boston fan - sorry, but this whole playoff just is plain bogus. Dump the twirp - NOW!

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June 6, 2013  12:35 AM ET

"he was just trying to apologize to Carter"

"Hey man, sorry I scarred you for life, I hope those teeth grow back, shouldn't slow you, lets do lunch."

June 6, 2013  12:35 AM ET

Comment on this thread - He deserved more! He hit him intentionally. Should have been a 5 min major and at least 2 or 3 games.

Comment on B's win - I thought PIT played a great 3 periods but as OT came the B's started getting their game back. Let's see what happens in game 4!

June 6, 2013  12:36 AM ET

As a Bruins fan, I'll never feel safe with a 3-0 lead ever again. I would almost rather have lost the 3rd game... but not really.

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June 6, 2013  10:36 AM ET

Toothless wonder got one game. He gone!

June 6, 2013  10:46 AM ET

Toothless wonder got one game. He gone!

That was news before the thread was put up though.

June 6, 2013  12:13 PM ET

That was news before the thread was put up though.

You think the interns know that?

June 6, 2013  02:38 PM ET

Keith just got a thank you card from Scott Hartnell

June 7, 2013  08:14 AM ET

Pretty sad the Kings were unable to take advantage of Keith's absence at home. How much more of an advantage can you spot these guys? LOL


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