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Vogel guarantees Granger little, sets up showdown


07:01 AM ET 06.06 | The Pacers face a good number of decisions this offseason, including on David West, D.J. Augustin and Sam Young. But the majority of the talk Wednesday was on Danny Granger, the former All-Star who missed all but five games this season with a knee injury. Following the Game 7 loss, Granger said he expected to be back in the starting lineup at the start of next season. [Frank Vogel] was asked if he saw things the same way. "Probably," he said. ... "I told him if he returns to full health and the ability that he's exhibited throughout his career, then he'll be the starter." Vogel added that he challenged Lance Stephenson, who in Granger's stead had a breakout year, to "not let that happen."

Indianapolis Star

Danny Granger, Icon Sports Danny Granger, Icon Sports
June 6, 2013  08:44 AM ET

There's an obvious answer. Of course he should start if he is healthy. Stephenson has improved but he still has a lot of learning to do. It actually makes it easier for Stephenson to be the 6th man...

June 6, 2013  09:29 AM ET

I don't believe he will return to the Pacers lineup, I expect he'll probably play for another team because of George and Stephenson; his presence will create problems with rotation, playing time, expectations and growth. His injury opened up all sorts of doors and avenues that will allow the team to go in other directions. His trade will allow the team to add another dependable player that will play a role and not become a distraction, sorry Granger.

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June 6, 2013  10:01 AM ET

There Is A New Kid In Town, Bro.

June 6, 2013  10:31 AM ET

There Is A New Kid In Town, Bro.

Its staggering to me that you have 5k+ comments...all including the word 'bro'.


June 6, 2013  12:30 PM ET

Granger is the odd man out. It becomes production, health and salary. Stephenson comes dirt cheap and is healthy, George still on his rookie contract is the best player on the team. The team will be built around George and Hibbert. It will be hard to count on Granger long term so I don't think the Pacers risk keeping him and reupping him with a knee injury. That type of signing could set this team back. They should look to trade for a Wilson Chandler and maybe another player for Granger. The Pacers badly need a combo guard or scorer off the bench that can get his own shot.

1st choice Jarret Jack
2nd choice Nate Robinson

Neither are pure point guards but that is the best they can do.

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June 6, 2013  01:21 PM ET

Yeah they definitely need to sign West. I will be surprised if Granger is not moved by the deadline around all-star break. Maybe even one of the lotto teams would be willing to trade a a 2015 pick for Granger and a lower level player. I guess he maybe kept and just allowed to walk but if he is healthy someone will trade for him as he would be an expiring contract. Then again maybe he stays like Josh Smith did and walks for nothing.

June 6, 2013  01:26 PM ET

How about Granger coming off the bench ???

June 6, 2013  01:30 PM ET

Other option is to convert Granger to a sixth man role but have him play more minutes. Basically he becomes your Harden/Martin person that you can run offense for off the bench. Augustin is good as gone IMO so they still need a guy to be a backup point but they really need a combo guard.

June 6, 2013  01:31 PM ET

How about Granger coming off the bench ???

You must have posted as I was typing it

June 6, 2013  02:06 PM ET

They should trade Granger for a real point guard!


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