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NBA teams to sell ads on courts, atop backboards


12:42 PM ET 06.10 | NBA teams will begin selling on-court and above-the-backboard ad space. Talks regarding teams putting ad space on player jerseys were tabled during the April league meetings, but the new proposed changes will be a less-obtrusive revenue-generator, sources told the Sports Business Journal. Teams will be able to sell space in front of team benches and will also have available a "camera-visible" area above backboards. ???This will be a tremendous opportunity for our teams,??? said Alex Martins, chief executive officer of the Orlando Magic. ???This platform to grow inventory of camera-visible signage will allow us all to continue to grow our business for our teams and players. I applaud the league for opening up this opportunity for our teams and our clients.???

Sports Business Journal

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June 10, 2013  12:48 PM ET

Since these ads are designed for the TV views, I wonder if the Silnas will bring forth another lawsuit to get a piece of this pie.

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June 10, 2013  01:09 PM ET

Soon each team will have their own apparel made by different companies like Addias, Nike, Reebok, Under Armor, etc... Why ruin something that's so pure and unique only to the NBA?

June 10, 2013  01:35 PM ET

I can't wait until flops and fouls are sold and sponsored.

I can hear the announcer now. 'That flop by LeBron James is brought to you by the good people at flip flop pancakes. Flop them on your plate and taste the difference."

June 10, 2013  01:56 PM ET

Is there no end to the greed?

June 10, 2013  02:33 PM ET

It's getting way too commercial now.

And it wasn't before???

June 10, 2013  02:52 PM ET

I wonder if the spammers will buy ad space...

June 10, 2013  03:03 PM ET

Just look at the uniforms worn in NASCAR......coming to an arena near you.

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June 10, 2013  06:08 PM ET

If they open up for ads, they need to abide by "equal opportunity" guidelines and let NFL, MLB etc splash their ads all over NBA backboards!!!

June 10, 2013  07:22 PM ET

Does the money thing ever stop. Next they will be pimping the song dancers...

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June 11, 2013  02:34 AM ET

Continue to grow out business. Blah blah blah. Actually, it will make it even MORE likely that viewers will watch FEWER regular games, and then just stomach a few playoff games. If the NBA is going to be hell bent on turning their games into one big fat annoying commercial, it will further alienate fans. And the worst part? The games that get fewer viewers (regular season) are the games NOT fixed by NBA management (for yet even more "revenue enhancement" or "continue to grow the business" as is NBA speak for even more foocking advertisements during games. Theoretically, the games with greater viewership (playoff games) are also the fixed games. Good foocking job, NBA. It's fast becoming the "who foocking cares" league.

June 11, 2013  02:36 AM ET

Just slap some corporate logo onto fu cki ng everything. That will go over well.

June 11, 2013  06:56 AM ET

My desire to watch the NBA has greatly waned in the past few years..........This does nothing to change my feelings..........

June 11, 2013  07:34 AM ET

Can Mark Cuban buy ads that say"David Stern reminds me of Jabba the Hut"?

June 11, 2013  07:58 AM ET

I don't see why this is such a big story! Television has been in control of sports for years and having adds on the courts is just another revenue stream. Plus just because they advertise on the courts doesn't make it mandatory for one to purchase those products

June 11, 2013  09:19 AM ET

Welcome to the 2013 Taco Bell NBA Finals on ABC, brought to you by Disney! Enjoy today's game between the San Antonio Right Guard Deodorant and the Miami Kia Motors!


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