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Kevin Sumlin was offered Eagles and Auburn head coaching job


07:01 PM ET 06.13 | When NFL teams were still searching for head coaches, Texas A&M head coach Kevin Sumlin was a name that got kicked around as a serious possibility to fill one of the numerous vacancies. One of those teams, according to the San Antonio Express-News, was the Philadelphia Eagles. According to the News-Express, Sumlin was offered the job of the Eagles head coach before Chip Kelly was hired. But the Eagles job isn't the only one he was offered. The Auburn Tigers also offered Sumlin the chance to fill their head coaching vacancy after they fired Gene Chizik after another failed season. But Sumlin ultimately decided to stay in the SEC and stay at Texas A&M when everything was all said and done. A hefty raise from the Aggies likely helped ease his mind about the decision but he now knows that other jobs are out there for him, specifically ones at the highest level of his profession, and a raise might not be enough to keep him around next time he has an offer to leave.


Kevin Sumlin, AP Photo/LM Otero Kevin Sumlin, AP Photo/LM Otero
June 13, 2013  11:28 PM ET

Not a story.

Look at the picture of Phil Mickelson on the front page of ESPN and tell me that is not a switched at birth picture of Colin Montgomery.

June 13, 2013  11:42 PM ET


June 13, 2013  11:53 PM ET

Auburn? Really? Auburn? Let's pretend we didn't read that one. Can't blame the program for trying to land a young head coach like Sumlin who has nothing but upside and is rocketing his credentials to the top level of the coaching ranks, but unless the other team from Alabama someday calls Sumlins name, why would he consider leaving the only Texas team in the SEC where has more built-in advantages for recruiting and his program doesn't have to compete with its biggest (historic) rival for a conference championship?

If Sumlin leaves A&M in the near future, only the NFL will be his destination.
I don't recall seeing any headlines or hearing from the sports media that Sumlin was having serious conversations with the Eagles like Chip Kelly and Bryan Kelly were reported of having. I think that's a sign that he wants more time in college station. Sumlin wants to see how big he can build the aggies before he bolts for a new challenge. Now if Sumlin, Johnny, and the boys take down Bama and the rest of the SEC in route to the National Championship in 2013, then Sumlin may feel his aggies are grown up enough to win with him tryign his act in the grown up football league.

June 14, 2013  07:57 AM ET

Of course a college coach who has a hot first season at a major program gets a big offer from an NFL team.

That's whey Notre Dame is still paying Charlie Weis.

June 14, 2013  08:52 AM ET



June 14, 2013  09:56 AM ET

Why would he ever leave A&M for Auburn...that's too funny!

June 14, 2013  10:32 AM ET

My biggest wish is that I'll click that right arrow and the NEXT story will be about this guy, just like the previous two stories. The excitement is just overwhelming.

June 14, 2013  11:46 AM ET

Why would he ever leave A&M for Auburn...that's too funny!

Aye that!

That wouldn't even be a lateral move.


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