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Boston Celtics would consider Vinny Del Negro if Doc Rivers leaves


06:04 PM ET 06.14 | After initial reports that the Los Angeles Clippers and Doc Rivers have mutual interest in one another comes a follow-up report that the Boston Celtics would consider ex-Clippers head coach Vinny Del Negro if Rivers does leave. Del Negro would serve as a "stop gap" for the Celtics as they enter a period of transition while the "big three" era comes to a close. Del Negro made $1 million last season while Rivers is in the middle of a five-year $35 million contract, giving Boston a potentially cheap coaching option while they work towards a new future for the franchise.

Boston Herald

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June 14, 2013  06:06 PM ET

Only if they throw in the Blakester !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

June 14, 2013  06:21 PM ET

Vinny looks like a perfect fit in Boston, just give him pointy ears!

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June 14, 2013  06:35 PM ET

Man Danny Ainge is just taking the Celtics apart piece by piece if this happens.

Don't lose the indri toons Bro!

June 14, 2013  06:35 PM ET

Don't lose the indri toons Bro!


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June 14, 2013  09:53 PM ET

You get what you pay for, bro.

June 14, 2013  11:00 PM ET

Wtf hell no. I will have to stop being a Boston fan if this happens. Absolutely revolting.

June 15, 2013  04:35 AM ET

Granted... Vinny has had some success, but "no". Not with this team. If a guy has a reputation that suggests players will bail on him, this is not the guy you want around Rondo and maybe Garnett and Pierce. I still say that Jerry Sloan is probably the best fit for the Celtics as they are. He's respected, hard nosed, knowledgeable, has tenure, long standing success and most importantly, he respects the game and the players.

Vinny seems to be built in the "Pop" mode, in which players do as they're instructed. The problem with this is that he hasn't had Pop's success. To me, this is akin to a big dog barking behind a fence. Ok... You're big and mean, but you're still behind the fence and I'm not going there. More importantly, the Celtics players likely don't feel as if they're in transition. I'm fairly certain they feel like they want to win now, so a "stop gap" coach isn't going to work.

I have long said that I think Danny Ainge is intent on keeping the Celtics mediocre. If any success comes out of his decisions, well, good on him and the team. Still, a lot of his moves have me staring at the screen in bewilderment (in spite of the temporal success). I never really feel comfortable with his moves... Having said that, bringing in Jeff Green and getting (thus far) one out of two right with Sully and Melo, he deserves some credit. Still, Sully is on the mend and Melo hasn't been properly developed (if you ask me).

June 15, 2013  07:32 AM ET


June 15, 2013  09:42 AM ET

Talk about a drop off. There are few coaches available that are on Doc's level but they can surely get closer than Vinnie.

June 15, 2013  11:14 AM ET

No way he couldn't deal with cp no way he can deal with rondo egotistical personality

June 15, 2013  07:48 PM ET

if pierce and garnett leave for clippers im now a clipper fan


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