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Cubs sticking with struggling reliever


07:13 AM ET 06.18 | The Cubs, who entered Monday night's game against the Cardinals having lost 13 games when leading after five innings, are showing the signs of frustration, from Dale Sveum's seventh-inning ejection to questions about Carlos Marmol's future. General manager Jed Hoyer said he wasn't sure where he stood on the player reaction to [Marmol's] blown game Sunday. "You want to see your players are really upset after a bad loss," he said. "Apathy is the worst thing you could ever have, and we certainly don't want to have that." ... Hoyer said the Cubs have no intention of releasing Marmol. "He has provided value to this team at different times," Hoyer said, "but he's been a significant part of the losses that unfortunately are why we are where we are record-wise."

Chicago Tribune

Carlos Marmol, US Presswire Carlos Marmol, US Presswire
June 18, 2013  08:30 AM ET

Like the captain going down with his ship?

June 18, 2013  08:51 AM ET

The way he is pitching now the best you could hope for in a trade is a low level prospect to fill in your roster at Double A or Triple A.

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June 18, 2013  10:17 AM ET

Marmol pitches just fine in the 9th. Throw him back out there

June 18, 2013  10:50 AM ET

Is there a door two to look behind? Or doesn't it really matter?

June 18, 2013  11:11 AM ET

Sveum must be the only guy in the park who can't see that Marmol cannot get it done. Gotta be real demoralizing for the players to lose late regularly because of 2 guys (Sveum, Marmol). Cubbies don't have anybody in the minors who can throw gas (instead of throwing gas on the fire like Marmol)? Give somebody else a shot. Anybody.

June 18, 2013  12:16 PM ET

Marmol wasn't responsible for the majority of those 13 blown leads. Just some of the most spectacular ones. His futility is so Cub-like that I doubt another team would ever want him. He is the real Mr. Cub.

June 18, 2013  01:18 PM ET

The Cubs would do well just to get a team to take on his salary.

The Nationals dumped Henry Rodriguez on the Cubs too... Doubt if they use him much... First pitch 100 fast ball into the ump's foot.

June 18, 2013  01:50 PM ET

The Nationals dumped Henry Rodriguez on the Cubs too... Doubt if they use him much... First pitch 100 fast ball into the ump's foot.

June 18, 2013  02:08 PM ET

That's some 'special' kind of throwing accuracy there............

June 18, 2013  02:32 PM ET

Nice. I enjoyed it. good work.

June 18, 2013  07:16 PM ET

Ryne Duren, famous for his blazing fastball and extremely thick glasses, used to warm up by throwing fastballs way above the strike zone. Few batters would dig in against him.

June 19, 2013  02:21 AM ET

Marmol is kind of like Jeckel and hyde He will blow a game because he can't throw strikes when he does he usually get hit well. And the next game he might strike out the side. As the manager you just don't know which Marmol will show up.


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