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Zeller to the 76ers?


07:11 AM ET 06.19 | One cannot teach height, and Cody Zeller certainly has that particular part of the game covered -- even if some question his NBA upside. I've long dismissed the notion that the 76ers would jump at the chance to draft Cody Zeller if he's available at the No. 11 pick in the June 27 NBA draft. As The Inquirer's former Temple beat writer, I've covered Zeller against the Owls in the NCAA tournament. Let's just say that I was not impressed. Temple's Anthony Lee manhandled the 7-foot center/power forward from Indiana in the East regional third-rounder the Hoosiers won, 58-52. But Chad Ford of ESPN, Steve Kelly of Hoopsworld, The Sporting News, Draft Express, and NBA Draft Insiders all have the Sixers using their first of three draft picks on Zeller.

Cody Zeller, Icon Sports Cody Zeller, Icon Sports
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June 19, 2013  08:50 AM ET

I don't recall a draft where I really have no desire to watch it.None of these players project to be more than role guys.Its crazy

Yeah I said the same thing this is a draft to get your role players. Bennett and Burke will put the points on the board, but this draft is heavily dominated by role players. The teams that draft midway in the draft will get some value picks at a bargin.

June 19, 2013  09:01 AM ET

Cleveland should draft him. They'll have a Twin Zs at the frontline.

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June 19, 2013  09:18 AM ET

Now with this pick I don't like going after Zeller. Sixer's are impressed with his shooting and his running ability. He is not an NBA center in my opinion he is a 3 trapped in a 4-5 body and will be a 4 in the NBA. We already have a big that like to shoot jumpers already. Sixer's need a defensive pressence over a quick running jumpshooting 4.

June 19, 2013  09:21 AM ET

Bulk Up, Bro.

June 19, 2013  09:31 AM ET

Of course there will be a couple of guys that will make it big....but for the most part, I don't see any HOF guys here.What I want to know is how that is possible?

Yeah someone has to be the defensive stopper, hustle guy, and scorer off the bench. A few of these players will help some team get to the playoffs. Sixers draft Dieng if available please, he is mobile, defensive pressence rim protector and rebounding that we are lacking.

June 19, 2013  10:36 AM ET

Wow! A Philly/ Center article that doesn't even mention Bynum. Who would have guessed. Maybe this is a prelude to saying goodbye to Bynum. No problem, the Lakers may be looking for a Center.

I could see Bynum back in LA if Dwight bounces

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June 19, 2013  11:25 AM ET

come on there will be at least one or two stupid GM's willing to take a gamble...

Said stupid GM better have his resume ready after Bynum lays an egg.

June 19, 2013  03:20 PM ET

They are stuck between a rock and a hard place...this team is going nowhere until they can draft another dominant player like the one they got in Allen Iverson so many years ago!!!


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