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Lawsuit may land A's a new stadium


07:16 AM ET 06.19 | The raw sewage backup that marred Sunday's game at the Coliseum was considered by some to be a long time coming -- if not metaphorical. A similar sentiment surrounded the long-overdue antitrust lawsuit the San Jose City Council filed against Major League Baseball: Someone in this foul, festering mess preventing the A's from moving to Silicon Valley was going to get litigious. It was just a matter of when and who. ... Should the council get its wish, see the San Francisco Giants yield their so-called territory to the A's for hundreds of millions of dollars and absolve MLB of responsibility in the matter, the A's will get what they want -- a new stadium in an area rich with corporate sponsors -- and an issue that should've been solved a decade ago will finally go to the baseball graveyard.

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Grant Balfour, Icon Sports Grant Balfour, Icon Sports
June 19, 2013  08:04 AM ET

Raw sewage ??? I always thought that place was a dump, but damn...

June 19, 2013  09:23 AM ET

With a new stadium, cooperate sponsors, you can just imagine how the A's good franchise could turn into a West Coast dynasty.

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June 19, 2013  03:30 PM ET

Let them move to San Jose, already.

MLB would probably let them move to anywhere but.

June 19, 2013  03:46 PM ET

Major league baseball is keeping the A's in a no-win situation. Let them move to San Jose, already.

I lived in SJ for 10 years, it's basically split 50-50 between Giants fans and A's fans. Neither team should claim exclusive fan rights.
The A's should be allowed to move there, at least for this simple reason: IT'S NOT OAKLAND!

June 19, 2013  11:42 PM ET

The Giants will fight this move to the death because the A's would become the darlings of thousands of affluent techies working in the South Bay at Google, Cisco, Apple et. al. The new baseball palace and great climate would draw fans like moths to a flame. Hence, the A's would eclipse the Giants popularity in the South Bay which at present is a Giants stronghold. This move will not happen.

June 20, 2013  02:40 AM ET

san jose could care less about A's San Jose only interested about revenue the team and stadium would bring in. aside from parking in city parking garages. The hotels would fill up more often because of people spending week end at the stadium for sat.-sun. games. or local firms entertaining clients. plus the competition to win corporate naming rights of stadium. Oh wait. we have to get MLB blessing before they allow a move into a nearby area of a team who has already established this market area. let the court battle begin.

June 20, 2013  03:00 AM ET

A move to Sacramento would make more sense. it is a little farther east of Oakland and would not infringe on SF. market. getting MLB blessing would come much easier

June 22, 2013  10:37 AM ET

It was the A's market to begin with and when the Giants needed leverage to get their new stadium the A' s sold it to them. Now it's time to return the favor, make a couple hundred million off the deal and call it a day.


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