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Rob Gronkowski back surgery 'went well'


04:17 PM ET 06.19 | Dr. Robert Watkins, who operated on Rob Gronkowski???s back Tuesday in Southern California, issued a statement regarding the procedure on Tuesday evening. ???New England Patriots??? tight end Rob Gronkowski underwent a microscopic lumbar discectomy surgery performed by Dr. Robert Watkins at Marina Del Rey Hospital in Los Angeles. The surgery went well. The timing of his return to football will depend on his progression through the rehabilitation program.??? Watkins, who performed a different type of back surgery on the tight end when he was a collegian at Arizona in 2009, executed the same procedure on Giants??? defensive lineman Jason Pierre-Paul earlier this month.

Gronkowski celebrates after scoring a touchdown, Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports Gronkowski celebrates after scoring a touchdown, Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports
June 19, 2013  04:44 PM ET

"The timing of his return to football will depend on how much partying he does with Playboy Bunnies and Hollywood starlets. In other words, Mr. Gronkowski is announcing his retirement."

June 19, 2013  04:45 PM ET

they ought to leave a zipper in this guy, so they don't have to keep cutting him open....

June 19, 2013  04:47 PM ET

Ya know, this story never gets interesting. But the one about Hernandez does. Everyone's seen the latest I take it? That he was sued last month for shooting someone in the face. In his car. The case was thrown out for some reason, but it's being refiled. Apparently T&R doesn't want to get into that story, but it's far more relevant than most of the stuff they post.

June 19, 2013  05:09 PM ET

New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez was sued earlier this month for allegedly shooting a man in the face following an altercation at a Miami strip club ... TMZ has learned.

The lawsuit was filed in federal court in Florida on June 13 -- five days before investigators searched the NFL star's Massachusetts home in connection with a homicide investigation that appears to be unrelated.

According to the lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, Hernandez and Alexander S. Bradley went to Tootsie's Cabaret in Miami on February 13, 2013 ... and during the outing, the two men got into an argument.

Bradley claims ... After the dispute, both men left the club -- and got into the same car which was heading to Palm Beach. During the ride, Aaron allegedly aimed his weapon at Bradley ... and the gun discharged, striking Bradley in the face.

Bradley claims he suffered major injuries from the gunshot ... including the loss of his right eye.

Bradley also claimed he required major surgery to reconstruct his face ... which required plates and screws. Bradley also claims he suffered damage to his right hand and arm, which also required surgery.

There's more -- Bradley claims Aaron was not licensed to carry a firearm in the first place.

Bradley demanded more than $100,000.

But just 4 days after Bradley filed the lawsuit, the case was DISMISSED.

11:55 AM PT -- According to police reports, obtained by TMZ, the victim was discovered outside of a John Deere store in Riviera Beach, FL on Feb 13 around 6:48 AM.

The manager of the store, who found Bradley, says the victim was bleeding from his head and one of his hands.

According to the police report, Bradley instructed the John Deere employee to call 911 and warned -- "Tell them to hurry -- I'm gonna bleed out."

When the employee tried to ask Bradley if he knew who shot him, Bradley replied, "I'm done talking -- it hurts too bad."

Emergency responders raced to the scene -- but when they arrived, Bradley was being difficult ... refusing to cooperate and being "rude" to personnel.

Eventually, cops say Bradley identified his attackers as being "both Hispanic and black males."

According to the police report, he never identified Hernandez by name.

June 19, 2013  07:02 PM ET

I've seen a few articles that say his lawyer actually withdrew the suit after discovering an error. Don't know if that's true. Don't know if any of this is true. Sure is a weird story, though.

June 19, 2013  07:12 PM ET

I guess Welker was on theshittyside of B.B, and they let him go.[cost too much?]

Gronk looks like a player that is on the physical downslide.

Any back surgery is very serious. most especialy in a contact sport/blood sport.

June 19, 2013  11:02 PM ET

they ought to leave a zipper in this guy, so they don't have to keep cutting him open....


June 20, 2013  12:33 AM ET

Thank goodness they brought in Tebow to pray on it.


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