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Nuggets offered first-round pick for Doc


07:13 AM ET 06.21 | While the Doc Rivers-to-Clippers headlines seem as fluid as any in the NBA hopper this week, it seems Rivers wasn't merely on Los Angeles' radar. Shortly after firing George Karl, the Denver Nuggets offered the Boston Celtics a first-round draft pick as compensation to pry [Rivers] out of his contract, league sources told Yahoo! Sports. Nuggets CEO Josh Kroenke made a bid for Rivers approximately 10 days ago, informing general manager Danny Ainge of his willingness to part with a pick if the Nuggets were able to procure Rivers. Nevertheless, Boston wasn't prepared to start the process of letting Rivers leave, and discussions never went beyond one brief conversation between Kroenke and Ainge, league sources said.

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Doc Rivers, Icon Sports Doc Rivers, Icon Sports
June 21, 2013  08:00 AM ET

I dont think the Nuggets are old enough for Doc to coach....

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June 21, 2013  08:38 AM ET

Wtf?ReallyThis has got to stop.

Somebody had to replace "This team is looking for Phil Jackson to coach" stories....

June 21, 2013  08:43 AM ET

I guess the Cs are lucky to have something in return for a coach that will have a hard time coaching the Cs because of these crazy situations if he comes back. Cs gets rid of an expensive coach and get first round picks in return...

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June 21, 2013  08:54 AM ET

I don't know why, but this really bothers me......I just reeks of collusion and just too easy for guys to dismiss a choice/contract/situation without any consequence. This is exactly what goes on in college ball....coaches just move on to better situations when they are already under contract if something better comes up.....its just wrong

What is that old saying: "Contracts are made to be broken"

But I agree with you 100%... It's not right but if both sides want it then why stop it...?

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June 21, 2013  02:40 PM ET

DOC is hot and on the block, but how long will he bet there is the question? 1 of the top 2 quality coaches in the league so him being in demand is not surprising. But with DA in the driver seat he find a way of screwing Doc because that's the kind of guy he is. We don't necessarily want you, but we don't want you to go anywhere else either. Sucker move, another thing DA is good at. If I'm Doc Rivers, and I'm not, the Denver job would be much more appealing.
Better talent & more of an upside. Ty Lawson running point, JM in the middles, KF at the power slot, life would be great. Let's see how this plays out.

June 21, 2013  04:07 PM ET

The laughable part of this is David Stern. This talk has been going on for about a week (?) about trading Doc to the Clippers. So if Stern had a problem with it he could have squashed that bug immediately but he didn't. Just don't get that.

I can't see any respectable coach wanting to come here even though they have a lot of talent. If the silver spoon Kronke believes that an employee should fulfill every year of their contract before a new contract is signed? Who is going to put up with that? A new coach, one trying to get a first year head coaching job (like Brian Shaw). Not a proven head coach that is near the top of his profession.

June 21, 2013  04:10 PM ET

It's not right but if both sides want it then why stop it...?

That theory, sure in the hell didn't help CP and the Lakers!!!!

June 21, 2013  06:42 PM ET

If the deal is made stern will more than likely veto it just because he wasn't in the loop from jump


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