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Even Manuel unsure Phillies can make run


07:10 AM ET 06.24 | All in all, this past week was a roller coaster for the Phillies, who on Sunday dropped an 8-0 loss to New York, and even Charlie Manuel wonders where the ride will end -- in or out of the playoffs. "We were 3-3 on the homestand," Manuel said. "It feels to me kind of the way we play. That's how I look at it. If you watch us play all year long, there's an inconsistent part of it. That's kind of how we play. Of course we need to play better baseball and get in position where we can run off a streak." That won't be easy. Manuel knows it. "I think things have to fall right for us," Manuel said. ... Does Manuel question whether these Phillies can go on a run? "I wonder if we can do that," Manuel admitted. "Yes." He isn't alone.

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Charlie Manuel, Icon Sports Charlie Manuel, Icon Sports
June 24, 2013  07:11 AM ET

Charlie is too busy chewing his cud..........

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June 24, 2013  08:39 AM ET

They should have no problem making the playoffs. All they have to do is:Swing the bats better.Field better.Run the bases better.Get smarter.Get healthy.Get a bullpen.

Thanks for the insightful review noob.

They need to play better baseball. PERIOD.

Personally, I think they need to do what the Red Sox are doing and bring up their young players, see who's ready to play and look at free agents to fill in the gaps, hell it's not like they're a small market team, if memory serves me correctly they're the fourth largest market in the nation.

I was expecting a decline in the team's output, but not one as precipitous as this - Halladay going down was a HUGE blow to this team.

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June 24, 2013  09:29 AM ET

They should platoon Ryan Howard.

June 24, 2013  09:59 AM ET

If much stays the same he should be doubtful. It does not look like a wild card will come from the NL East.

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June 24, 2013  10:34 AM ET

Tell it like it is Charlie! Personally, I'll consider it a good year if they can get rid of Papelbust. Didn't like that move when they made it.

June 24, 2013  10:36 AM ET

Halladay going down hurts, but it wasn't huge. Our starting pitching has been good enough to win far more games than they have. Disappearing every time Cole takes the mound is huge. Delmon Young being asleep at the wheel is huge. Having piss poor baseball IQ is huge.The bullpen leaking like a sieve is huge. This team has the talent to win, they just refuse to do what it is going to take. And Charlie is doing nothing to hep the cause. If this was the 07-09 team, fine let them play their own game, the bats will wake up eventually and you can go back to just clubbing people to death. But when you're getting next to no power at bats, you cant be pathetic in the field or running the bases, which is exactly what they are.I like the idea of bringing some of the young guys up, but there's too many moves to have to be made to do it at this time. I'd rather they shake up what they have. Sit Delmon young. Sit Revere. Swap Brown and Howard in the line up.BTW, not a noob, even if I was it doesn't change the fact that what I said and you said about playing better period are essentially the same thing. And let's not get into a Philly on Philly hate crime, because you will lose.

I didn't realize you were from Philly (I was born there and now reside outside Chicago), I guess I should have by your critical assessment. It's funny, most people on these threads look at their teams with rose-colored shades, but by en large Philly phans are very critical of our team.

Sorry about the noob comment btw, just having a bad day at wortk and not feeling well - sorry to take it out on you.

Can you elaborate on the piss poor baseball IQ part? I don't catch as many games as I' like living in Illinois, who is playing as if they're lobotomized? Has Cholly been making questionable decisions?

June 24, 2013  10:38 AM ET

They should platoon Ryan Howard.

Let him ride the pine vs. lefties - I concur.

June 24, 2013  06:39 PM ET

Its time to turn the page :-) :-)

June 24, 2013  08:48 PM ET

It's time to clean house and start over.

June 24, 2013  11:28 PM ET

trade Utley, while he is off the DL. and get what you can for him. Also trade, Rollins And M. Young while you still get some value out of them. Howard could also go. Let Manuel go . Clean House and start over. Get Younger through farm system, and prospects + any ML player you might pick up as part of trades. Another team that may be interested in Cliff Lee would be Pitts. They have had their rotation decimated by injuries. The Pirates are tasting their first winning season in 20 years. Their bullpen mostly the back end has really been taxed this year. about 50 innings more then any other NL teams.

June 25, 2013  12:55 AM ET

How do you get rid of Ryan Howard??? Even though he is producing moderately decent numbers this year, on a pace to hit about .280 with 23 HR, he's being paid $25M/yr. Even at half of that, he's overpaid. A team picking him up at mid-season would owe him $87.5M over the next 3.5 years. Even if the Phillies threw in $40M, I wouldn't give up a prospect for him.

June 25, 2013  07:39 AM ET

I could see Philly continue batting Howard 4th to protect Dominic Brown hitting 3rd

June 25, 2013  08:27 AM ET

Has Cholly been making questionable decisions?

Yes. Mostly in how he's handling the starters and when/who he brings in as relief. Like last night- Lee was gassed in the 8th and up to a count of 109 pitches and a 3-0 lead, and Chollie trots him out in the 9th. Lee gives up hits to the first 2 batters, Papelbon blows the save, and Phils lose in 10.

The other thing Manuel is doing is mixing up the lineup nearly every night.


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