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Anderson Silva on Roy Jones: 'Of course I want to fight him'


01:55 AM ET 06.26 | UFC middlweight champion Anderson Silva isn't letting go of his plans to fight Roy Jones Jr. "Of course I want to fight him. Maybe after this fight with Weidman, regardless of the outcome, I would love to fight him. He's already said that he would fight me also, so that???s something that I would really like to happen,??? said Silva. "I feel that his boxing style is one that I'd like to test myself against. I've always been a fan of his, and I just always wanted to test myself against Roy Jones."

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Anderson Silva, Esther Lin, MMA Fighting Anderson Silva, Esther Lin, MMA Fighting
June 26, 2013  08:28 AM ET

Please don't do this. Fight someone relevant who doesn't piss and moan because he needs the money.

June 26, 2013  01:05 PM ET

This fight would be a joke. We saw what a boxer does when James Toney fought Randy Couture. Boxers don't stand a chance. On their back, they are defenseless as a baby. They can't use their legs, they can't defend a takedown. They have no grappling skills. Silva would play with him. Anyone who knows anything about MMA would agree this fight would be nothing but a sideshow.

Silva is trying to avoid his destiny - fighting Bones in a catch-weight Mega-Fight.

June 26, 2013  01:58 PM ET

That would all depend on the kind of fight they agreed to. Would Silva box with him or would it go to the ground?

June 26, 2013  03:01 PM ET

Be an interesting fight either way.. think Jones Jr would get his butt kicked

June 26, 2013  03:24 PM ET

It wouldn't be an MMA fight. It would be a boxing match, and Silva would get dominated.

June 26, 2013  08:55 PM ET

It wouldn't be an MMA fight. It would be a boxing match, and Silva would get dominated.

I don't know about that. Being an MMA fighter and getting used to non-glove-punches is training enough. Roy can pepper him with a few good shots and it'd be like he wasn't even getting hit.

June 27, 2013  09:41 AM ET

It wouldn't be an MMA fight. It would be a boxing match, and Silva would get dominated.

It would be a boxing match as long as Spider allowed it. Then, Jones would be kicked in the face or taken down and it would be over - quickly.

June 27, 2013  09:50 AM ET

Do you think Silva is stupid enough to box a boxer? Do you think Dana White would be stupid enough to allow arguably the greatest MMA fighter ever to sign on a contract for a "Boxing" match? How embarassing would that be for UFC?

The only way this fight even happens is because Jones jr. is finished and would sign for the $$$. That means he would have to play by UFC rules. UFC does not need Jones or any other boxer to boost their sport. Jones has nothing to lose. Noone expects him to win, so he would take the money and take the beating gladly.

June 27, 2013  11:10 AM ET

It'd have to be as a boxing match. Boxers are too limited. Silva would be toasted but it'd be an interesting exhibition. Maybe put the sparring headgears on...donate tix or PPV proceeds to charity, the rest go to fighters. It'd more or less be a televised sparring session. Silva says he wants to test his skills against Jones...let him.

July 2, 2013  08:17 PM ET

Sure. A shot boxer like Toney versus Couture is one example. There is also an example of a shot boxer versus a recently removed UFC champion, Mercer v. Silva. Oh wait, the MMA fighter got smacked. Just sayin'...fights can always go either way. MMA and Boxing are two great fighting sports...


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