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Celtics "leaning toward" keeping Paul Pierce


02:01 PM ET 06.26 | Boston Celtics fans have been looking for closure on the whole Paul Pierce situation for about two months now and it seems a new option has arisen as to what the team can do moving forward. While they seem to be shopping him around for a first-round draft pick, according to ESPN's Marc Stein the Celtics are "leaning toward" picking up Pierce's option for next season thus keeping him on roster. This is an entirely new development as up until now it appeared as though the Celtics were convinced that Pierce was not going to be a part of the future. However, the team wants Kevin Garnett and they feel one way to do that is to make sure Pierce or Doc Rivers comes back. With the option of Rivers coming back now firmly out of the question, hope now rests on potentially bringing back Pierce. It wouldn't be cheap and it sort of clashes with the mantra of rebuilding that shipping off Rivers to Los Angeles signaled, but Boston now appears open to bringing back two of the Big 3 and it might end up actually happening.


Paul Pierce, AP Photo/Winslow Townson Paul Pierce, AP Photo/Winslow Townson
June 26, 2013  11:12 PM ET

Stupid idiot Ainge. Should have traded PP last season itself. He has NO clue what he's doing with this team. "Rebuild" has been written all over it since 3 years.

June 26, 2013  11:39 PM ET

WHY? PP is past his prime and only serves to slow the rebuild process. Danny, wake up and smell the coffee! PP reminds me of a worn down ML Carr.

June 27, 2013  05:06 AM ET

Keep Pierce.

June 27, 2013  07:27 AM ET

There are limited ways to become a better team in the NBA, either make an incredible series of trades (as Ainge did with the original Big Three), or suck and rebuild around a lottery pick. Ainge is trying to trade, for higher draft picks so that the C's won't suck. Its not going to work, so he might as well trade Pierce and Garnett for the best offers. Watching Paul Pierce play now is agonizing because he still believes and acts as though he's "The Man" - sorry Paul, those days are gone forever. He's better of with another team, where they can make it clear that he is not The Man from the beginning. If they trade Pierce, they might as well trade Garnett as well because he will not want to return without Doc and Pierce. Garnett, unlike Pierce, knows the limitations of his game at this point of his career but is still a very valuable contributor. The Celtics retaining Pierce would be stupid and would place severe limitations on other moves the Celts could make.

June 27, 2013  07:46 AM ET

Is it The Truth?

June 28, 2013  08:19 AM ET

They didn't lean far enough.


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