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Dwight Howard has issue with Lakers fans?


04:52 PM ET 06.27 | As word spread on Thursday that Dwight Howard is unlikely to return to the Los Angeles Lakers after his upcoming whirl through free agency, the apparent reasoning looked obvious. Coach Mike D'Antoni and his offense didn't suit the Lakers center well. The chance to become a contender even looked sketchy with Kobe Bryant recovering from injury and the dysfunction from last year on the mind. But it might be more. Sources of Lakers Nation said Howard didn't like the fanbase in Los Angeles. Howard reportedly said that Lakers fans are "the most unappreciative group of people ever," and "ungrateful." If Howard really feels that way, it looks even more likely that he's playing for the Rockets or Mavericks next year.

Lakers Nation

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June 27, 2013  04:58 PM ET

I think the billboard will turn all this around.

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June 27, 2013  05:40 PM ET

Somebody get this manchild a muzzle!

June 27, 2013  05:47 PM ET

Doesn't look good for the Lakers on getting Howard back.

June 27, 2013  06:53 PM ET

Howard if you're pissed at the Laker fans, then leave the town, simple as that? In other words, don't let the door hit you in the rear end, on the way out!!!! Also, Dwight, you might want to look into a mirror and see who is really, "ungrateful"!!!!

June 27, 2013  06:55 PM ET

Doesn't look good for the Lakers on getting Howard back.

I'm not so sure the Lakers want this idiot back!!!!

June 27, 2013  07:30 PM ET

This guy is turning into a franchise killer.

Lakers were DOA when they hired D'Antoni instead of PJ. The Zen Master would've done a better job of featuring D12.

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June 27, 2013  08:26 PM ET

The Howard saga is an example of how screwed up the Jim Buss-led Lakers are. They call Howard "their future" and yet they hire a HC who has a system that Howard doesn't like. The Howard-Bryant dynamic is suspect... not working in the Lakers' favor. And now Howard states he doesn't like the Laker fans, yet Buss puts up billboards designed to get the fans involved in keeping him. I think this has backfired a bit.

If Howard bolts the Laker assets are as follows:
Kobe Bryant - coming off an injury and getting older
Steve Nash - has become injury prone and is old
Pau Gasol - the Lakers don't respect him... does the league
Metta W-P - lost a step, getting old and shoots way too many 3's
Mike D'Antoni - is he an asset or a detriment

The rest of the team has highs and lows but no future superstars.

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June 27, 2013  11:56 PM ET

waaa waaaa waaaa

June 28, 2013  07:51 AM ET

REALLY, D12? One compound word.... OVERRATED! That says it all.

June 28, 2013  07:07 PM ET

"the most unappreciative group of people ever," and "ungrateful."...

We're not ungrateful. We're disappointed. We're used to having Big Men in Purple/Gold, not tall fragile boys!!!


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