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Letang turned down $54M from Pittsburgh


07:27 AM ET 06.28 | Kris Letang's days may be numbered in Pittsburgh. [Letang] has rejected one of the largest contract offers in the Penguins history. Letang declined an eight-year contract that would have paid him around $54 million (total) late Thursday, sources told the Tribune-Review. However, his agent, Kent Hughes, stressed Letang remains only interested in playing for the Penguins. "We have exchanged offers," Kent said in a text message. "But (we) have yet to reach an agreement. "We have not quit." The Penguins are willing go as high as $7 million annually -- with some wiggle room -- to keep Letang, the sources said. Letang is looking for $7.5 million annually, sources said.

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

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June 28, 2013  08:28 AM ET

Where do the Pens have the cap space to do another deal of that magnitude?

June 28, 2013  08:31 AM ET

Really, when you're talking $7,000,000.00 per year, is an extra $500,000.00 really enough of a difference to reject it? I'm pretty sure that $54M deal is going to get you everything you want in life. Greedy bastage.

June 28, 2013  08:34 AM ET

Maybe by buying out MAF and Cooke and letting all those dead line acquisitions go away. That's a heavy price tag considering cap limitations but, some dopey GM will give it to him.

June 28, 2013  08:36 AM ET

Post #4 in response to Post #2. Sorry Bishop. Coffee hasn't cut in yet. I'll try the IV route next time.

June 28, 2013  08:37 AM ET

This seems a little crazy.Keep Gardiner Dave. He has the potential to be another Letang.

Forget about it! Gardiner is going to the Oilers for Hemsky and Horcoff. :-)

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June 28, 2013  08:55 AM ET

He can get it elsewhere. That's a $4 million difference, why should he settle? Why didn't Malkin take less? Why didn't Crosby? Why didn't Shero budget his cap better? Don't put it on the player because he tries to get the best deal for himself.

Yep, he tries to get the best deal for himself and has no consideration for how it affects the people around him. When guys like Tim Duncan, Aaron Rodgers and Pavel Datsyuk sign fair contracts, they remain highly-respected annual championship contenders. When guys like Letang and Malkin sign bloated contracts, it rots the player's reputation and the team's success.

June 28, 2013  09:00 AM ET

Mannnnn it's Friday, why you gotta be like that? Positivethoughtspositivethoughtspositivethoughtspositivethoughtspositiveth oughts...

:-) :-) :-)

June 28, 2013  09:05 AM ET

Where do the Pens have the cap space to do another deal of that magnitude?

The cap may be going down this coming season, but projections are for it to continue to rise afterwards. All the recent Pens contracts are extensions that take place after this coming season. Shero is gambling to be sure.

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June 28, 2013  09:06 AM ET

who is telling this guy he is worth those kind of sheckles?

June 28, 2013  09:13 AM ET

Ok, so Detroit hasn't made it past the second round since 2009, can't convince free agents to sign there and they're annual championship contenders?

Samuelsson, Coloicovo and Tootoo all signed as free agents last summer. Ken Holland made an offer to Parise and Suter that Minnesota trumped.

The Blackhawks steamrolled Minnesota in the first round. It took Game 7 OT to dispense the Wings in the second round before steamrolling LA in the 3rd round and dispensing Boston for the Cup.

Yes, the Wings are championship contenders.

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June 28, 2013  09:20 AM ET

Aaron Rodgers is the highest paid player in NFL history right now, so i'm not sure wtf you're talking about there.

Aaron Rodgers' contract was expected by most to blow past Joe Flacco's bloated contract, but Rodgers signed a fair contract for both the Packers and himself.

Rodgers is the best quarterback in the NFL and deserves to be paid like it. Letang is far from the best defenseman in the NHL.

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June 28, 2013  09:26 AM ET

And Datsyuk signed for $7.5m/yr. How is that any kind of discount? It's exactly what a great centre entering his late 30's should get.

Top 3 Russian players in the NHL:
Datsyuk = $7.5M
Ovechkin = $10M
Malkin = $10M

Datsyuk could've easily asked for more. He could've easily gotten more.


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