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Alex Smith is a 'Super Bowl quarterback', says Jamaal Charles


12:08 PM ET 06.29 | Kansas City Chiefs running back Jamal Charles thinks quarterback Alex Smith a "Super Bowl quarterback," according to Charles said that Smith has a "great arm," and that he can "stay consistent." On top of that, Charles said that Smith has been winning most all of his career, which isn't technically true. Smith's first few seasons in the league were marred by inconsistent coaching and a lack of weapons on offense. Prior to the start of the 2011 season, Smith was actually getting his "last chance" with the San Francisco 49ers. Smith went on to put up 3,144 yards and 17 touchdowns against just five interceptions. That entrenched him as the starter into 2012, in which he had an incredibly stellar 70.2 completion percentage through 10 appearances. Unfortunately, Smith went down with an injury and Colin Kaepernick took over, and at that point, the 49ers elected to stick with Kaepernick.

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June 29, 2013  12:13 PM ET

He is a Super Bowl quarterback.....with a cap and clipboard.

June 29, 2013  12:25 PM ET

He's just one Super Bowl away from being a Super Bowl Quarterback.

June 29, 2013  12:37 PM ET

Jamaal Charles would know. Wouldn't he?

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June 29, 2013  01:09 PM ET

Well - he was on the sideline.

June 29, 2013  01:38 PM ET

I'm an Alex Smith fan. I thought he was a victim of circumstance early in SF, then at the end he was up against a the NKOTB who is a heck of a talent.

Now is his last real chance, and it's another new system and set of coaches. The odds are against him.

June 29, 2013  01:43 PM ET

I'm pulling for the guy, really. He had bust written all over him and got screwed by the perfect storm of circumstances once everything came together. Hope he beats Oakland twice a year.

June 29, 2013  02:26 PM ET

Was Len Dawson still playing QB when the Chiefs won their last playoff game?

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June 29, 2013  02:52 PM ET

Oh snap!!!

June 29, 2013  02:58 PM ET

And Jamal Charles knows what one looks like because he's played with one before?????

June 29, 2013  03:43 PM ET

He's a super bowl QB alright....NOT!

June 29, 2013  04:11 PM ET

Why do people hate on smith two seasons ago he was a stud and last season he was playin pretty dam good before getting hurt and then benched, he might not be tom brady er peyton manning but most a the qb's around the league aint up to those standards

June 29, 2013  04:12 PM ET

Kissing up????

June 29, 2013  04:40 PM ET

The Niners might have won the Super Bowl if Smith had started at QB.

Yep, the first half was a mess.

June 29, 2013  04:45 PM ET

I am a 49er fan and have never been a fan of Alex Smiths. I wanted Aaron Rodgers.

I was however rooting for him during the 2011 season for one reason only. If he had taken the 49ers to the Super Bowl and won, it would have made for a really good, feel good, football movie. I wonder if he had taken the 49ers the 2 extra steps and won the Super Bowl, do you think some other team would have made him an offer as a free agent? No one did when he took the 49ers to the NFC Conference Championship.

I am rooting for Smith this season for my own selfish reasons, I hope he leads Kansas City to a 8-8 record or better so that the 49ers will get Kansas Cities 2nd round choice in the 2014 draft. It could develop into a tight race between Denver and Kansas City for the AFC West.


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