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Verlander: 'Things aren't right'


07:07 AM ET 07.02 | Tigers ace Justin Verlander is nothing if not self-aware. [Verlander] hasn't pitched to the incredibly high standard he's set for himself this year, and on ESPN's "Mike & Mike" radio show Monday morning, he said his delivery has been off a bit this year. "It's been a battle for me personally this year mechanics-wise to just be able to repeat my delivery like I have in the past," Verlander said. "But everything's healthy, and I think I found something in my last bullpen session before my last start. So (I'll) just continue to work and move forward. ... "I know things aren't right, so it's always a constant battle to try to find it, and when I do I'll be right back where I need to be."

The Detroit News

Justin Verlander, Getty Images Justin Verlander, Getty Images
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July 2, 2013  08:53 AM ET

These athletes overthink it...funny as hell

Sometimes at that level - you have to think about things in the small details. It's the difference of 1 to 2 inches at the plate and that can be the difference of a ball, strike, great pitch or a hanger. If he's not in the same slot time an again - no manner of "compensation" will yield consistent results.

July 2, 2013  08:56 AM ET

Kate Upton messed this dude up...............

July 2, 2013  09:01 AM ET

Kate Upton messed this dude up...............

Ahhhhhh - to have those troubles......

July 2, 2013  10:35 AM ET

Verlander is a true professional he will work through this. most will go back and study videos from previous games or seasons and see what they were doing then, and what they are doing now.

July 2, 2013  11:50 AM ET

All players go through bad times and things will workout.

July 2, 2013  12:11 PM ET

Seems like a lot of things aren't quite right in Tiger Town right now.

Ahem, go Tribe.

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July 2, 2013  12:24 PM ET

Enjoy the one more week you have left at the top of that "division" before the annual collapse. Indians fans talking smack is like watching Rain Man humping a doorknob

July 2, 2013  12:53 PM ET

Seems like a lot of things aren't quite right in Tiger Town right now.Ahem, go Tribe.

Love it. This team is so much of an upgrade over last year's team. There will not be a 2nd half collapse this year. If we stay healthy we will give Detroit all they can handle.

July 2, 2013  12:54 PM ET

Thankfully Scherzer and Fister are pitching well. Beyond the rotation the bullpen is awful and the lefties in the lineup (outside of Prince) are terrible. They have some serious problems on the team. They get a chance to knock back Cleveland this weekend, Cleveland is only 2-6 vs Detroit this season. The Tribe has racked up alot of wins against the White Sox, a team the Tigers havent' played yet.

July 2, 2013  03:03 PM ET

Animal Sanchez needs to get back quick

July 2, 2013  04:05 PM ET

two words - Kate Upton

July 2, 2013  05:06 PM ET

Funny that the interview was all about how Verlander thinks he found the problem he's been having and takes the blame throughout, yet whomever posted the story here picks the headline Verlander: 'Things aren't right' That was mentioned in passing. Almost as a fill-in sentence and they make it sound like the interview was about Verlander saying things aren't right. Not even the stupidest person wouldn't recognize that "things aren't right" with him. He's a stud. He'll get it back on track.

July 2, 2013  09:56 PM ET

Maybe Kate Upton got herself some Caribbean assistance to hoodoo Justin's voodoo... In any event, he's certainly getting his balls batted around a lot more since they parted ways than he was when she was his principal receiver & battery mate... Maybe he misses her "golden glove" more than he let on...


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