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Kings pull $56 million offer to Iguodala


07:12 AM ET 07.03 | Andre Iguodala may not be leaving the Mile High City, after all. After the Denver Nuggets expressed an unwillingness to match the Sacramento Kings' $14 million-a-year proposal to [Iguodala], Iguodala's reluctance to immediately accept the four-year, $56 million offer caused the Kings to withdraw the deal late Tuesday, league sources told Yahoo! Sports. ... Denver wants to keep Iguodala as part of its core, but has shown restraint in formulating potentially salary-cap crippling offers to re-sign him to a long-term deal, sources said. When the Kings demanded an answer for their offer on Tuesday night, Iguodala's desire to take more time to consider the deal signaled to Sacramento management that perhaps the free agent wasn't eager to leave a Western Conference contender.

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July 3, 2013  07:34 AM ET

He's not going to get a deal like that elsewhere.

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July 3, 2013  08:35 AM ET

He's not going to get a deal like that elsewhere.

It will be sad if other teams will offer more. Not worth it for me. I hope the Mavs don't get him for that price tag.

July 3, 2013  09:16 AM ET

You Lose If You Snooze, Bro.

July 3, 2013  10:02 AM ET

Again another team will overpay for talent and inflate Iggy's worth. 4 year deal maybe 40 Million or 3 yr at 36 million is what he should be at but they tried to overspend and think he will chase the dollars. Signing with the Kings would basically mean he isn't getting a ring and he will not even be in the playoffs anytime soon. I expect Denver to be close to what they were last year so if he is leaving at least upgrade your team.



Any other team he selects is a money grab IMO which is in right to do.

July 3, 2013  10:10 AM ET

AT BEST, Iggy is $8-9M per.

July 3, 2013  12:48 PM ET

good for the kings! not a fan but I wish more teams would act this way then we not have the dwight howard saga. either you want the money or not and if not then they move on. he was offered more money by the kings than he will get elsewhere than he acts like he has been insulted or dissed because he did not meet their deadline? this what pisses fans off about athletes today. not that they get the money because anybody would take that if given the chance but the whole it's not enough attitude by most of them. a huge offer like that should be good enough for him not the wining and dining along with that. look the kings suck or you would not be getting that big of an offer but under the new ownership they want to get better which is why they made you the offer. stop acting like you deserve more than and either take it or decline it but be a man and let them know when they need to or don't act like a baby when they pul the offer.

July 3, 2013  04:27 PM ET

His worth is debatable, but this is clear: if he was just chasing dollars, he would have taken it. Sac didn't recind the offer because they rethought it, they made the move after he wouldn't snatch it immediately - now it doesn't look so much like Sac is a bad destination (which it is now). If he had just said 'No thanks' it would have chumped the whole city. He wasn't going to do that because he wanted that pressure to get more with Denver. Not gonna happen.

July 3, 2013  04:44 PM ET

He has the right to ponder offers, and the right to take the offer to another team to see if he can get a match. Its all a game in bargaining for multi-million dollar contracts. If it was about the money he screwed up by not jumping on it. If the team, location or potential to win was in consideration then a little less money may have been accepted. But if someone is not on board with you Sac does not have the obligation to sit tight and wait. We all went thru this at the school dances, if you wait to long to answer your partner may not be your partner anymore.

July 3, 2013  07:28 PM ET

Iggy knows that Denver is going nowhere...

July 6, 2013  06:02 PM ET

This deal was baffling from A.I.'s point as well as from Golden Sates point of view. This is not a good fit. What you gain in defense you are definitely going to lose with Harrison Barnes maturation. Why make this move? Just to say you did something different. You let Jarret Jack & Carl Landry go. You're shopping David Lee. Golden State is making all the wrong moves. But that's just my prospective, or is it.

July 6, 2013  06:04 PM ET

My bad, wrong response to the wrong post. I meant to say, I guess the Kings are kicking themselves now.


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