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Kobe daring Howard to return?


07:20 AM ET 07.04 | Now, will the tactic work? When Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant spoke to Dwight Howard on Tuesday, his words to the free-agent center resounded an unmistakable and unflinching message: Let me teach you how to be a champion. "You need to learn how it's done first, and I can teach you here," Bryant told Howard during the Lakers' presentation, witnesses in the room described to Yahoo! Sports. Bryant didn't come to Howard's recruitment meeting in Beverly Hills to appease him, but to challenge Howard to stay and embrace the burden of the franchise's culture and embrace Bryant's demanding disposition. Bryant invoked Michael Jordan's hard-driving ways as his blueprint, and how it pushed the Chicago Bulls to six titles.

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Kobe Bryant, Getty Images Kobe Bryant, Getty Images
July 4, 2013  07:29 AM ET

Kobe must not have read the email from the Lakers executives that Howard wants to be coddled.

July 4, 2013  08:24 AM ET

Hope that's all Kobe wants to teach him.

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July 4, 2013  09:09 AM ET

Who wouldn't want to play with the "biggest ego, running his mouth, blame all others when loses, leave teammates out to dry with the media, universe is gravitating around him" Kobe?

This guy seems like he has watched too many Star Wars movies. Has a "Yoda" complex.

July 4, 2013  09:13 AM ET

I think I would have gotten up and walked out.

Bleep Kobe!

July 4, 2013  09:14 AM ET

NO and Sac working on a sign and trade. Vasquez and Lopez for Evans.

July 4, 2013  09:17 AM ET

It is bizarre. The plan is EXACTLY the same going forward as it was this past year.Sit and wait, learn from Kobe....and when he's ready to leave, the team is yours.I mean.....that would be an acceptable plan if we were talking about a 20 year oldBut they are asking an accomplished pro to 'settle' on being a back up planIts insaneIf they want him.....they have tomove on from KobeAnd they don't want to do that.

I know you think Kobe has 3-4 years left, but when he comes back & sees he's not the same player he used to be? I think he'll retire and go play in Europe. IF he still wants to play? It'll be in a different city.

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July 4, 2013  09:19 AM ET

The challenge of being kobes butler/**** is afootHere are kobes rules....1- shutty and get me a Gatorade2- if you are a good boy....I might let you touch the game ball3- don't think....just rebound and pass it back to me4- don't take the pacifier out of your mouth until I say soWho wouldn't agree to these terms?

jgb being extremist as usual...


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July 4, 2013  09:20 AM ET

Ninja'd on the Evans thread 10 minutes ago......Keep your head in the game, son

Ok, old man.

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July 4, 2013  09:22 AM ET
QUOTE(#12): (laker fans and management) expect Dwight to sign in on the contingency that Kobe might or might not feel good.....then he might or might not hang em up.....and Dwight might or might not be able to climb out of the car seat in the back seat ?Really?

I really don't care if he stays or not at this point. They'll find out where he wants to go & get something in return.

If he opts to leave.

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July 4, 2013  09:23 AM ET

Ninja'd on the Evans thread 10 minutes ago......Keep your head in the game, son

Where did you post that on this thread? Don't see it.

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July 4, 2013  09:27 AM ET

And here you have the reason Howard is intrigued by the Warrioirs.


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