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Stephen Hill predicts deep playoff run for Jets


11:30 AM ET 07.16 | The New York Jets have never been shy on confidence since Rex Ryan took over as head coach, so it really comes as no surprise when a player speaks out or makes a wild claim about the direction of where the team is heading. Every year it seems like a player predicts great success for the team and this year the chatter comes from second-year wide receiver Stephen Hill. Hill was giving his thoughts on the upcoming season and gave the prediction that New York will be playing well into January thanks to a deep playoff run. As a child, I was told to always shoot for the moon, because if you miss you will still land among the stars. For Hill and the 2013 New York Jets, the stars may be the No. 1 overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft.

Stephen Hill, Getty Images Stephen Hill, Getty Images
July 16, 2013  03:09 PM ET


Damn man... Somebody stop this. Can congress intervene ?

July 16, 2013  03:21 PM ET

Yet ANOTHER comedian on the Jets? Paula Poundstone is getting a run for her money now!

July 16, 2013  03:35 PM ET

I believe the last sentence says it all.

July 16, 2013  03:35 PM ET

Seriously, why did they draft Geno? Let Sanchez stink it up, get a number 1 QB in the 2014 draft, and move on with a new regime.

July 16, 2013  03:39 PM ET

What do they expect him to say, that the Jets suck? That's our job.

July 16, 2013  04:50 PM ET

He may see that moon, the crowds will show it to him if they continue the bad play. Hill of course will again do no wrong (Injured Reserve) again.

July 16, 2013  04:55 PM ET

Stephen Hill predicts deep playoff run for Jets

Looks like he won't be passing his next drug test if this is how he see's things.

July 16, 2013  05:00 PM ET

They should send him for his Drug Screening the second he reports to camp.

July 16, 2013  05:13 PM ET

I sure hope Mr Hill is kissing up. These kind a delusions will get one a nut house in anywhere but NYC.

July 16, 2013  05:15 PM ET

I think it all depends on Hill's definition of deep.

July 16, 2013  05:16 PM ET

Other recent Stephen Hill predictions....

Y2K Total Computer shut down

December 2012 End of Mayan Calender end of world

A May wedding for Manti Te'o and Lennay Kekua

July 16, 2013  05:39 PM ET

I smell Florida burning.....No Justice!!! No Peace!!

July 16, 2013  06:42 PM ET

I smell Florida burning.....No Justice!!! No Peace!!

I know. Kid calls another a creepy a.. cracker on nobody calls it a racist term.

July 16, 2013  07:34 PM ET

I smell Florida burning.....

Nah - just Newark.

July 16, 2013  08:17 PM ET

Stephen Hill predicts deep playoff run for Jets


July 16, 2013  08:31 PM ET

Wait......Did Rex get gored in Spain?

July 16, 2013  08:46 PM ET

Wait......Did Rex get gored in Spain?

Unfortunately no. But he's got hamburgers and steaks to last until 2014.

July 16, 2013  09:10 PM ET

sounds like high hopes....

July 16, 2013  09:31 PM ET

Stephen Hill= Mensa candidate?

July 17, 2013  12:23 AM ET

Meanwhile in reality land...


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