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Perez off limits in Garza talks


07:19 AM ET 07.17 | 'Tis the season for increased interest in proven arms, which clearly covers Cubs righty Matt Garza. The Rangers, Indians and Diamondbacks are among several teams in on the sweepstakes for [Garza], the clear No. 1 pitcher on the trade market, while the Red Sox are a team that's said to be thinking about it. The Rangers, a team deep in prospects, with a rotation in flux (Yu Darvish and Alexi Ogando are expected back soon, but Colby Lewis and Matt Harrison not until later), have been tied most to the Cubs, at least in reports. While the idea that they could include young left-hander Martin Perez in a Garza package has been advanced publicly, sources are adamant that Perez will not be in any deal, which is logical considering he's producing in the rotation already.

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July 17, 2013  08:02 AM ET

.....perez is garza wo the miles....the two kid gms seem to like to deal with one another....hope daniels winning streak continues over his buddy....

July 17, 2013  08:31 AM ET

The Red Sox appear ready to go for the WS, and have some young talent to trade.

July 17, 2013  08:52 AM ET

.....perez is garza wo the miles....the two kid gms seem to like to deal with one another....hope daniels winning streak continues over his buddy....

<breaks out Rosetta Stone in the ATTEMPT to understand stupidmoron's post>

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July 17, 2013  12:43 PM ET

I don't see how Garza goes to Texas. Don't see Theo and co. trading Garza for a group of players centered around a 24-yr-old prospect with vision problems and having a poor year (Mike Olt).

July 17, 2013  12:54 PM ET

He might have to stay in Chicago and eat a few more Italian Beef Sandwiches over at Al's!!! Oh well!!!

July 17, 2013  01:24 PM ET

Olt's vision problems have been resolved, for the most part.

Before he had the vision problem addressed, he hit .139 with a .471 OPS and 6 RBI's in 20 games with 4 games of 3 strikeouts or more.

Since then he's hitting .253 with an .850 OPS, 9 home runs and 22 RBI's in 44 games with only 1 games of 3 strikeouts or more.

Dude's a player. Cub fans need to do more than just read 3 month old stories on a guy.

July 17, 2013  01:29 PM ET

He's having a poor year regardless. As for his "fixed" vision problems, that's all speculative. He'll turn 25 in August, and the Cubs have 2 players that could project to play 3rd in Baez and Bryant. Don't see the Cubs trading their best asset for Olt, who has drastically taken a slide down top 50 prospect sheets since the start of the season.

July 17, 2013  03:14 PM ET

The Cubs have teams wanting Garza. The Cubs are willing to see how bad teams want to acquire Garza by asking for top prospects If team A does not want to throw in prospect Cubs want the Cubs will consult with Teams B & C. Teams that offer best package will get Garza in trade.


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