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Redskins mull PUP for RGIII


06:59 AM ET 07.19 | Yes, Robert Griffin III has insisted this offseason that he can be ready for Day 1 of training camp. But it's unclear if the Washington Redskins will let their quarterback hit the field right away.'s Ian Rapoport reported Thursday on NFL Network's "NFL Total Access" that no decision has been made about Griffin starting training camp on the Redskins' active roster. He could start camp on the active/PUP list, just like Adrian Peterson did last year. The Minnesota Vikings kept Peterson on the PUP list for the first two weeks of camp. ... Peterson also didn't play in the 2012 preseason, a plan that could make sense for Griffin. RGIII could be "ready" for camp, but the Redskins will do everything possible to make sure he's ready for the regular season.

Robert Griffin III, Icon Sports Robert Griffin III, Icon Sports
July 19, 2013  07:09 AM ET

It is a good idea to be careful with your young, frranchise quarterback so you don't risk unnecessary injury. Oh wait...that's what they should have done last year.

July 19, 2013  07:48 AM ET

Oh, do it! They open with a Monday night game against the Eagles.

Anything to eff up ESPN.

Packers, Lions, Raiders after that.

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July 19, 2013  09:07 AM ET

It makes perfectly good sense. But the Skins have already been reckless with him. Sometimes, I don't think they see beyond the next play.

July 19, 2013  09:09 AM ET

Oh, do it! They open with a Monday night game against the Eagles.Anything to eff up ESPN.Packers, Lions, Raiders after that.

ESPN needs to get rid of that broadcasting crew.

July 19, 2013  09:35 AM ET

Anything to eff up ESPN.

ESPN is bringing back Keith Olbermann... it looks like they've already got a handle on the "eff it up" part.

July 19, 2013  09:58 AM ET

Shanahan is going to ruin this guy. Sad.

July 19, 2013  10:06 AM ET

This is merely the start of the daily "is RGIII really able to play this week. Will they take a foolish chance and play him"? I can see this stuff going on for years. Somebody's career can be ended in an instant on any play in any game. Sad, but it happens. Griffith seems healthy now. He says he's OK. But, I suppose he's a liar right? He had a good year last year and he'll be even better this year.

July 19, 2013  10:27 AM ET

Just a few weeks ago they said he was ahead of schedule for his return to football it sounds like its just the opposite if he's going on the PUP.

Shanahan rush's him back, he don't make it thru the year.

July 19, 2013  10:55 AM ET

What is there to mull?

The wine

July 19, 2013  11:01 AM ET

It's safe to assume McNabb, is sitting at home with a big I told you so grin on his face.

July 19, 2013  11:53 AM ET

The Redskins are going to get a dog for RGIII? I hope he doesn't invite Michael Vick over.

July 19, 2013  11:54 AM ET

Shanahan is going to ruin this guy. Sad.

Shanahan has ruined this guy.

July 19, 2013  11:55 AM ET

ESPN needs to get rid of that broadcasting crew.

I can tolerate Tom Jackson and Mike Ditka. Keyshawn "Show Me The Damn Gun In My Mouth" Johnson and Chris "WHOOP!!!" Berman ... gone.

July 19, 2013  12:03 PM ET

Mull? Will someone please take the thesaurus away from these writers.

July 19, 2013  12:04 PM ET

Maybe it started out as a story about a PUPpy mill? That I would read.

July 19, 2013  12:11 PM ET

Last couple of articles stated that the Dead-Skins were "AMAZED" at RG3's progress,,,, what happened??? Which is the TRUE story???

July 19, 2013  12:35 PM ET

What is there to mull?

What breed of pup, perhaps? A poodle? A pit bull? Or, A. Collie is available.

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July 19, 2013  05:22 PM ET

RGIII shouldn't see more than 10-15 snaps this preseason if the Redskins want him to play this season. It would be just their luck that he got hurt in a preseason game.


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