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British Open attendance down


10:11 AM ET 07.20 | In case you were wondering if the fans were coming dressed as empty green grandstand seats, the answer is now. Prices may be harming Open attendance at Muirfield despite great weather and sound infrastructure work by the R&A to get people here with relative ease. Ron Sirak Tweeted the shocking drop from the last Open at Muirfield through two rounds. Attendance at Muirfield down from 2002 in @The_Open with 23,393 Thursday compared to 30,620 in '02 and 29,144 Friday vs. 34,479. The Daily Mail's Mike Dickson wrote in the Tee Room notes today that "Charging 75 pounds for a ticket is looking very steep in this economic climate."

Geoff Shackleford

Padraig Harrington, Adrian Dennis/Getty Images Padraig Harrington, Adrian Dennis/Getty Images
July 20, 2013  10:37 AM ET

Can't blame the weather...

July 20, 2013  10:50 AM ET

I saw the sparse crowds both days and I wondered what the reason was. I am guessing 75 Pounds is about $100 dollars. If I had to choose I would pick the weekend or at least Sunday if I could only afford one day. If they made the price half of that they would get many more patrons. Sure they would probably break even on close to twice the crowds but they would make a ton more on concessions and souvenirs.

July 20, 2013  01:33 PM ET

Guess they're taking a page from Nascar and out-pricing themselves right out of the sport for 'common' folks

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July 20, 2013  02:40 PM ET

Plenty of empty seats coming up the 18th today as well.

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July 21, 2013  09:00 AM ET

LOSER woods looks beat after his round---- walking with a hitch and all the gray hair -- he reminds me of Fred Sanford more and more...

July 21, 2013  09:38 AM ET

I just don't understand the problem. It's only ten bucks a beer

July 22, 2013  10:23 AM ET

75 pounds a ticket? Meanwhile the Queen will make the equivalent of 48 million dollars next year.

July 25, 2013  05:12 AM ET

Glad woods is out of any future major consideration--- after this dismal display of being a quitter, which he surely did "quit" during his front nine on Sunday--- not good. Now he has plenty of time to think of the 18 prostitutes that he had to pay for sex with....

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July 28, 2013  05:27 PM ET

Our tickets for the Sunday round were 70 pounds (about $110), and we happily would have paid more. Being able to be at the 18th green for Phil's last putt then going back up to walk the 18th fairway at Muirfield behind the final group for the award ceremony will be memories that will last us a lifetime. The reason that the bleachers all looked empty until the end were that being reserved seats, people buy those seats, then walk the course following other golfers all round until it gets toward the end, then they all jam into their reserved seating for the end.

BTW, not only were we able to be at the Open, our group got selected in the lottery to play the Old Course at St Andrews and we played on Thursday. I can die a happy man.


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