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Nearly $700K riding on Smith's Jets workouts


07:02 AM ET 07.23 | Based on the impact to his bottom line alone, Jets quarterback Geno Smith will likely show for Gang Green's camp. Per a source with knowledge of the details of the deal, [Smith's] contract ties nearly $700,000 to Smith participating in the team's offseason voluntary workout program. Specifically, $276,328 of Smith's $861,328 compensation in 2015 depends on Smith showing up for the otherwise voluntary offseason drills. In 2016, $414,491 of Smith???s $1.08 million compensation in 2016 is tied to working out in the offseason. Typically, players must participate in 80 percent of the offseason workouts to earn the bonus. For Smith, this puts extra pressure on him to be able and willing to show up and work out in the final two years of his deal. If he fails to meet the minimums, he'll potentially lose hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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Geno Smith, Icon Sports Geno Smith, Icon Sports
July 23, 2013  07:03 AM ET

That's a lot of money to work out for the J E T S jets jets jets !

July 23, 2013  07:59 AM ET

And why shouldn't he show up? Why shouldn't any player in the league show up?

This is a team sport. If you want your team to win, you've got to be a part of it.

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July 23, 2013  08:44 AM ET

(Or go Tonya harding on him)

If you do, use a better quality camera an more lighting.

July 23, 2013  08:46 AM ET

Jets East pays better than Jets West, so he'll show up

July 23, 2013  08:58 AM ET

Jets East pays better than Jets West, so he'll show up

Jets Southwest did a Nosefumble at Laguardia last night. Rex is already reviewing the Flight Data Recorder to figure out how to add it to the playbook.

July 23, 2013  09:17 AM ET

Maybe if Mark had just offered him some bucks to show up at his voluntary workout in californ i a, Geno would have showed up there?

July 23, 2013  09:44 AM ET

He'd better show up all he can if he wants to lead this team.

July 23, 2013  09:52 AM ET

I guess if you don't have to be there, and the team is paying you extra to show up, it's sort of like the rest of us in the real world getting overtime on our jobs.

July 23, 2013  10:09 AM ET

Geno = bust in progress.

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July 23, 2013  10:48 AM ET

he's a 2nd round pick that hasn't even been to his first real training camp
explain your logic

He did display some annoying diva behavior at the draft. It wasn't a good start.

July 23, 2013  10:49 AM ET

but can we at least give him a chance ?

I already like him better than Sanchez.

July 23, 2013  11:15 AM ET

explain your logic

You'll get explanations all day on here, but not usually logic

July 23, 2013  11:23 AM ET

Geno = bust in progress.

??????........the guy has not even played yet in the NFL, he had a pretty good college career, so your logic do's not make any sense.......lets give the guy a chance.

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July 23, 2013  12:34 PM ET

At least this year Sanchez will have to compete against a QB who can throw better than Tebow.

THe Jets missed a golden opportunity when they should have traded straight up Darrelle Revis for Alex Smith.

July 23, 2013  01:21 PM ET

If you do, use a better quality camera an more lighting.

I saw that video and I vote for less lighting.


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