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Camby's Windy City addition imminent?


07:07 AM ET 07.24 | If Malcolm Thomas is out, does that mean Marcus Camby is in? Not yet. A source said Tuesday that waiving Thomas doesn't make the Camby move imminent. But it gives the Bulls some roster flexibility as they try to round out the bench by adding another low-post presence. The Bulls, who've offered Camby a minimum contract, are vying with several other teams, and the Rockets are the likely front-runners. Camby, along with Nazr Mohammed, would give the Bulls more protection at the rim and a rebounding presence behind Joakim Noah and Taj Gibson. Despite leading the summer league with 15 rebounds per game, Thomas (6-9, 225 pounds) was caught in a numbers game. Thomas appeared in seven games last season for the Bulls, averaging 1.7 points in 5.1 minutes.

Chicago Sun-Times

Marcus Camby, Icon Sports Marcus Camby, Icon Sports
July 24, 2013  08:03 AM ET

The East is getting to stacked for my liking. Miami will have a very tough time this year. Hopefully the refs will call the game fair so fans can see the great basketball season this one's shaping up to be. As for my Knicks, our lack of mental toughness will doom us again. Getting past the second round will be over achievement.

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July 24, 2013  08:19 AM ET

I don't like him for the bulls.they need a big that can put the ball in the hole.

The Bulls are all about defense so he fits in nicely with what they want to do. But having the best defense does not guarantee the team will have enough offense to win it all. Case in point last season when Thibs kept Hamilton on the bench even though offense was needed.

Then you have a coach like D'Antoni who just doesn't even know that defense is part of the game. For the limited amount of centers out there, Camby is not a bad pick up. Scoring bigs are rare like Siberian tigers.

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July 24, 2013  08:38 AM ET

Must be nice to be a center. Even if you're a scrub you get many choices ala Oden.

July 24, 2013  09:28 AM ET

Not Ready To Go To The Stockyard, Bro?

July 24, 2013  10:47 AM ET

Must be nice to be a center. Even if you're a scrub you get many choices ala Oden.

At least he physically able to play Bro!

July 24, 2013  03:54 PM ET

yes a scoring big is rare-but there are guys out there that, for this team. would've been better-take bj mullins that the clips signed....granted camby is a better defender- but mullins could at least give the bulls something they don't have- a big that can step out, stretch the D and hit a 3.And in tibs I trust- he can get anyone to defendhell....he could get mike D'A to play defense !

The last line is wishful thinking!!!!

July 24, 2013  06:40 PM ET

nooo not another beotch whining about the refs

July 24, 2013  06:41 PM ET

*supposed to quote comment 1


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