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Greg Oden may choose rebuilding team for 'less pressure' during comeback


10:38 AM ET 07.27 | Free agent center Greg Oden has generated interest from a number of teams as he searches for a home to make his NBA comeback, but the former No. 1 overall pick could end up making an interesting decision. The Miami Heat are said to be the favorites to land Oden, but he also has interest from New Orleans, Sacramento, San Antonio, Atlanta and Dallas. Interestingly enough, the belief now is that Oden could end up choosing a team that is rebuilding for his comeback so that there is "less pressure."

Greg Oden, Getty Images Greg Oden, Getty Images
July 27, 2013  10:58 AM ET

First how many Oden threads do we need?
Secondly Less pressure? Maybe a rebuilding team had more salary cap and is more desperate to sign him

July 27, 2013  10:58 AM ET

How much pressure is there to sit on the sidelines? Maybe he needs to take water boy lessons from Luke Walton.

July 27, 2013  11:59 AM ET

No pressure....he's a bust. The pressure is on the team that takes a chance on him. If I were an owner and my GM told me he wanted Oden for more than $1.29, I'd fire him.

July 27, 2013  05:38 PM ET

This young man did go to college didn't he? How in the world does he figure that there will be less pressure from a team that's rebuilding. He has to understand that he will then become one of the main building blocks for that teams future. I can't see a team just giving him money to come sit on his butt while they are in the rebuilding process. At least with the HEAT they have enough firepower that he can gradually work himself back into form without the pressure of putting in a 30 - 40 minute night. I don't know who his reps are but it might be time to look for someone who knows the game of basketball to handle Gregg's career, for better, or for worse.

July 29, 2013  06:12 AM ET

Give him a break.
Let him rest through half a season with the best trainer you got. Let him recover and rebuild his strength. The reward is great even if he will recover half of what he was capable of.
He's still young. He still knows lot of moves in basketball. As long as his body heal up, he will be a great investment.
How much money teams wasted on poor draft choices not nearly half as good as this man was?
Give him a year or 2 of the best training possible, you may round up with many more years of services. Teams have to understand that it is a multi-year project to get him back like what he was. It will pay off with his youth and lifestyle now.


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