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Papelbon blasts Phillies, calls for overhaul


07:18 AM ET 07.29 | What Jonathan Papelbon lacked in quantity of words Sunday morning at Comerica Park, he sure made up for in his message. "I definitely didn't come here for this," he said. Papelbon carries an influential presence in the Phillies' clubhouse as the team's closer, a nine-year veteran and World Series champion. Asked what he thought about the direction the organization is headed, he sighed. "Oh, man," he said. "We could be here all day." So then what about this team's ability to turn things around, if not this season, then next season? "It's going to take, in my opinion, a lot," he said. "And in my opinion, I think it's going to have to be something very similar to what the Red Sox went through a couple years ago. From top to bottom." Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr., declined comment.

Jonathan Papelbon, Icon Sports Jonathan Papelbon, Icon Sports
July 29, 2013  07:30 AM ET

different uniform..same annoying p.o.s.

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July 29, 2013  10:14 AM ET

Coincidentally, part of the Red Sox turnover included getting rid of...Papelbum.

Exactly. This dude has a big mouth and isn't backing it up enough for the amount of $$ he makes. He has 5 blown saves in 25 chances...and yet he gets paid more than any other closer...including Rivera (The greatest since the position and Save stat was created)

The phillies cannot trade him away fast enough if you ask me!

July 29, 2013  10:15 AM ET

Funny. The Nats players are allowed to have an opinion, but a Phillie? Writings on the wall there

No one here called for an overhaul though....

July 29, 2013  10:18 AM ET

Got my new pack of D batteries. Stop by Colorado Papelbum.

July 29, 2013  10:22 AM ET

Coincidentally, part of the Red Sox turnover included getting rid of...Papelbum.

Philly could do the same.

July 29, 2013  10:39 AM ET

This is amusing.

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July 29, 2013  12:20 PM ET

No one here called for an overhaul though....

But Paps is right. And the first step in the overhaul is waving goodbye to him.

July 29, 2013  12:31 PM ET

The phillies cannot trade him if you ask me!

Fixed that for you.

July 29, 2013  12:34 PM ET

It is funny though - because he IS somewhat right......

July 29, 2013  01:53 PM ET

We Red Sox fans enjoy watching Pap opening mouth and inserting his foot--but for another team.
He is not a candidate for Mensa membership!

July 29, 2013  05:40 PM ET

Someone needs to shut this idiot up. He seems to think he's Curt Schilling now, who also has to voice his worthless opinion about every single thing under the sun.

July 29, 2013  06:09 PM ET

The Phillies are in the worst Division in The League and are not Winning!!! What's going on?

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July 30, 2013  01:09 PM ET

The Phillies are "sellers" now according to most baseball pundits. If that is true, the first sales should be Charlie Manuel and Ruben Amaro Jr. Just look at the record over the past 6 years. 2008-world champs, 2009 world series, 2010 NL championship game, 2011 NL division championship game, 2012 missed play-offs at 81-81, 2013 7 games under .500. Under their leadership the Phils have regressed; not progressed.

July 30, 2013  01:16 PM ET

He acknowledged that he was part of the change in Boston. Finally someone is putting the blame where it belongs without really naming names. The entire team plays with no emotion...just like Charlie. Go through the motions and collect a paycheck. Get ahead early, turn it over to the pitchers, lose concentration at the plate, score no more runs, and LOSE. They have the talent, but no fire. Time to see if Ryno can start a fire like he has done at every stop in his managing career.


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