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Count on Tebow making Patriots


07:11 AM ET 08.02 | While a more subdued brand, Tebowmania has a new home. [Here's] a news flash for anyone who thinks Tim Tebow is battling for a roster spot with the Patriots and may not make the team come September: Tebow isn't going anywhere. The Patriots would never say it, of course, but when they signed him in June he all but had a roster spot locked up barring some sort of catastrophe. ... Keeping three quarterbacks used to be the norm until 2009, when Bill Belichick started going with just one backup for Tom Brady (although they kept three as recently as 2011). The Patriots can cut Tebow before the regular season with no penalty, of course -- his two-year, minimum salary deal doesn't have any guaranteed money -- and he might end up being inactive most weeks, perhaps all 16 games. But all logic points to Tebow staying a Patriot for at least 2013 season.

The Boston Globe

Tim Tebow, Icon Sports Tim Tebow, Icon Sports
August 2, 2013  07:15 AM ET

BB will find some way to use what he can do well.

August 2, 2013  07:15 AM ET

"Mr. Kraft, if we keep Tebow, maybe the public will forget about Aaronthal Fernandez. See, I already forgot his name."

August 2, 2013  07:17 AM ET

Aaronthal Fernandez


August 2, 2013  07:42 AM ET

We know he's in New England but what no one has said is why. Makes no sense what so ever.

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August 2, 2013  07:48 AM ET


August 2, 2013  08:07 AM ET

He's the starting QB about mid-season.

August 2, 2013  08:16 AM ET

He's the starting QB about mid-season.

Step away from the still.........

August 2, 2013  08:17 AM ET

And here I was - worried about him...

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August 2, 2013  08:27 AM ET

So, they know they can cut him before the season starts, 31 other teams will not want him and that is why he will be resigned and be a Pat. Got it.

August 2, 2013  08:28 AM ET

I'm thinking everyone is hoping he does...hee hee

Everyone wants to see him score a TD or two against the J-E-T-S.

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August 2, 2013  08:36 AM ET

Everyone wants to see him score a TD or two against the J-E-T-S.

It'd be even better if he did it with his throwing arm instead of his legs.

August 2, 2013  08:40 AM ET

Scoring a TD against the Jets and their all world defense is something most people like to see.

that should happen a lot to the Jets regardless of who they play!

August 2, 2013  08:53 AM ET

"all logic points to Tebow staying a Patriot...." What logic? His two year minimum salary with ZERO guaranteed? I don't see it happening unless he proves to be lights out on kick/punt coverage.

August 2, 2013  09:14 AM ET

To help wash off that Aaron Hernandez stink?

August 2, 2013  09:23 AM ET

To help wash off that Aaron Hernandez stink?

That's going to be a hard one to get rid of.

August 2, 2013  09:29 AM ET

writer is a moron....all logic points to Tebow being released to make space for a good player in the event of an injury to a starter...until then, he can mimic the running aspect of the running QB so the D gets more reps in preparation for facing teams like the Skins, Seahawks, Iggles, and 49er's....he'll be practice squad until someone gets hurt and then he will be released for roster cap penalty, no guaranteed money...but cutting him, the Pats will get a roster spot that is more valuable than Tebow is as a player...

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