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Nnamdi Asomugha may not make 49eres roster


08:42 PM ET 08.03 | The San Francisco 49ers secondary is depleted, especially after Chris Culliver tore his ACL this week. Given that, one would assume Nnamdi Asomugha, who was brought in earlier this offseason, would be a relative lock for a spot on the roster. Not according to San Francisco 49ers defensive coordinator Vic Fangio, who suggested Asomugha's spot isn't a given -- even with the banged up secondary.

Nnamdi Asomugha, Getty Images Nnamdi Asomugha, Getty Images
August 4, 2013  09:48 AM ET

Wow. Sounds like Nnamdi hit 'washed up' faster than most.

August 4, 2013  09:49 AM ET

Yawn, I'd report this also if all else I had was the HOF game

August 4, 2013  09:57 AM ET

That's a good Irish name!!!

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August 4, 2013  10:34 AM ET

We're holding a spot open on the Cowboys roster for you, NumbDee

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August 4, 2013  11:01 AM ET

So he will go over the bridge to his old friend in Oakland!!!

August 4, 2013  11:10 AM ET

Return to Da'RAIDERS ????

August 4, 2013  12:02 PM ET

That Philly "Dream Team" from a few seasons ago has definitely gone supernova with the resulting stardust returning whence it came - oblivion .

August 4, 2013  01:00 PM ET

Yet another one who got rich, felt entitled and spun down the drain. That's why we hear laughter from the locker room drain when the stadium is empty.

August 4, 2013  01:03 PM ET

THe fat slob that wrote this piece of trash does not know what he is talking about.

He twisted a casual remark by Fangio who basically said; There are some good things we see from Nnambi Asomugha and there are some things that don't look so good.

He then decided to throw in a little Internet Tabloid Journalism into his headline " Nnambi MAY NOT make the team.

May I suggest that " Nnambi Asomugha MAY MAKE THE TEAM.

The fool that wrote this does not follow the 49ers, otherwise he would know that Jim Harbaugh always reminds all the players that none of their jobs are a given, they must fight for their job and if someone shows better game in practices and preseason games that person will win the job.

The only person in the 49ers secondary that will win his job back for sure this season is Donte Whitner. That is why the secondary is considered the weakest part of the 49ers team. Terrell Brown is a strong candidate to make RCB, but don't be surprised if the 49ers switch players around this year.

Of all the players in the secondary Nnambi Asomugha is the most intriguing and gets as much or even more press attention than Rookie FS Eric Reid.

August 4, 2013  01:13 PM ET

whoa whoa whoaThought this dewd was supposed to be awesome?

THey have been in full pads at practice for one week . If Fangio is so certain about Asomugha not making the team one week into training camp then why didn't he declare that Asomugha will be released during the press conference?

If Fangio had been asked about any other player in the secondary he would have changed the name and given the same answer .

August 4, 2013  01:26 PM ET

Wow. Sounds like Nnamdi hit 'washed up' faster than most.

It sounds like it if you believe this trash. This guy twisted a fairly benign statement about Asomugha and made it sound like a death sentence. Yet the previous 2 days before the article the media was saying what a great job Asomugha had done. That is why the press was peppering Fangio about Asomugha and whether he might take Carlos Rogers spot or that he might be moved to Terrell Browns position and move Terrell to the other side of the field. Fangio nixed all the speculation by saying: Sometimes Asomugha looks impressive and sometimes we wonder if he has anything left.

May I suggest that because of the rash of injuries in the 49ers training camp that maybe some of the veteran players are holding back. To me it is just to coincidental that in 2 days Navarro Bowman gets a groin strain and Patrick Willis gets a slight fracture to his hand. Neither will keep them from starting opening day, it does provide the coaches a chance to put other players on the first string defense.

August 4, 2013  01:39 PM ET

The coach quote wasn't meant for Nnamdi, it was meant for the other guys trying to make the team.

August 4, 2013  02:47 PM ET

How come they never use his middle name-Fred.

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August 4, 2013  03:18 PM ET

Nnamdi Asomugha may not make 49eres roster


No one can make the roster if the roster doesn't exist.

August 4, 2013  05:26 PM ET

under drastically reduced pay, only.

That bridge was burnt already, wasn't it? Or are there depth issues in Oakland's secondary?

August 4, 2013  09:39 PM ET

Please do!

Please do NOT!

August 5, 2013  12:46 AM ET

How come they never use his middle name-Fred.

His nickname is his last three letters of his last name:)


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