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Would Bridgewater crack the Top 3?


07:23 AM ET 08.05 | When scouts are talking about quarterback prospects, Teddy Bridgewater comes up as often as Johnny Manziel, AJ McCarron, Aaron Murray and David Fales. Today we will break down Bridgewater. Like Manziel, Bridgewater is an underclassman who may enter the draft early. He is a 3rd-year junior and started as both a freshman and sophomore. In high school the Miami Northwestern product was rated as a 4-star player. He had offers from the likes of Florida, LSU, Miami and Tennessee. He chose Louisville and became a starter his first year. ... As good as Bridgewater was in 2012, I expect him to be much improved in 2013. The more playing time he gets the better he will be. He is still very young and won't turn 21 until November. If he enters the draft he should easily be a first-round pick next year and depending on his play, maybe a Top 5 or Top 3 type.

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August 5, 2013  09:04 AM ET

UK vs Louisville should be a good game this year.

August 5, 2013  09:11 AM ET

The SEC will reign supreme once again when their cellar dwelling Wildrats (or did Mizzou/Arky take that spot away from them) give the Redbirds their only defeat for 2013. All will be right with the world. Kentucky will also save the BCS from having to deal with an undefeated Louisville in the final season before the playoffs.

Ya heard it here first folks.

August 5, 2013  09:24 AM ET

UK vs Louisville should be a good game this year.

Yes, for Louisville.

August 5, 2013  09:35 AM ET

I noticed this article didn't mention B. Miller leaving early for the NFL. I'm cool with that.

August 5, 2013  09:43 AM ET

I noticed this article didn't mention B. Miller leaving early for the NFL. I'm cool with that.

I'm sure I speak for the rest of the B1G when I say, "go pro, young man, go pro".

August 5, 2013  10:10 AM ET

This guy's overrated.

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August 5, 2013  11:00 AM ET

Yeah!!!!! Did you hear that DS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just consider the source, West Texas educamacion, and lots of sarcasm.

August 5, 2013  11:52 AM ET

He'll be REALLY good at handing the ball to Michael Dyer

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August 5, 2013  08:32 PM ET

I think the better question is if Bridgewater will DROP out of the Top 3.

August 6, 2013  12:46 AM ET

I'm not convinced of Bridgewater's ability to perform at the NFL level.

He should have a decent year, because Louisville has an easy schedule. But something tells me he's going to stumble at some point.

August 6, 2013  05:37 AM ET

It's way too soon to try to accurately predict where in the first round Bridgewater will be drafted. Assuming he's drafted in the first round at all, of course. Stranger things have happened.

Just last year Matt Barkley went from the presumptive first overall pick to a fourth round yawner.


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