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Perez slams door shut ... on media


07:19 AM ET 08.07 | After turning a 2-0 lead into a 4-2 loss Monday night, Cleveland closer Chris Perez dropped by Terry Francona's office to tell the manager what he didn't tell reporters. "CP said, 'I felt great, I just blew the game,'" said Francona. Perez has not talked to reporters since he came off the disabled list on June 27. He bolted the clubhouse again Monday night, leaving some unhappy teammates behind to explain to reporters what went wrong for the veteran closer. When approached by reporters Tuesday, Perez said, "I'm not talking the rest of the year. Quit asking." Francona was asked if he was concerned about Perez making his teammates cover for him after bad outings. "Guys aren't forced to talk," said Francona.

The Plain Dealer

Chris Perez, Getty Images Chris Perez, Getty Images
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August 7, 2013  09:23 AM ET

This guy's a friken head case. I wish they'd move him.

August 7, 2013  09:46 AM ET

This guy's a friken head case. I wish they'd move him.

I think you're right. Originally I wasn't thrilled that the Cards moved him for Westbrook, especially given periods of severe closing issues the Cards have had since then. Now I am thinking that I'm glad he's not in the Cardinal clubhouse.

August 7, 2013  09:48 AM ET

Apparently he's devoting all his time to his court case next month.

August 7, 2013  10:26 AM ET

Could this be the start of the crash and burn of tribe?

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August 7, 2013  12:31 PM ET

Agreed. At this point I am hoping they ditch him in a waiver wire trade

Or take him to IHOP for a free all-you-can-eat flapjacks breakfast and then leave him there.

August 7, 2013  01:16 PM ET

Talk to the media...part of the job.

Disagree... Players are to be "made available" to the Media - doesn't mean they have to say anything.

I commend the guy - especially if someone in the Media made him look bad (can't image that :-)

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August 7, 2013  04:03 PM ET

This comment of yours is pretty much wrong

Thanks for Chiming in... But I wouldn't have said it if it were wrong

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August 7, 2013  06:37 PM ET

Talk to the media...part of the job.

I guess refusing to run his mouth its part of his game plan,,or itsn't?

August 7, 2013  06:40 PM ET

Should the Indians trade their closer with the wrecked halo's closer? I mean sometimes a change of a team and a city could help any inconsistent player :-) :-)

August 7, 2013  06:46 PM ET

Gotta be Nuts to be a Reliver, he makes up not talking to press by talking to himself!!!

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August 7, 2013  11:18 PM ET

Guys... I guess if it's so wrong and some rule has been Broken, I would expect a Fine / Suspension to be coming down from the League Office or the Team...

And since it's been about 6 weeks since he's spoken to reporters... why hasn't said penalty been levied?

The 1st person to answer that question adequately will convince me that I am wrong...

BTW: Terry Francona's take on the situation (read carefully)... erez-not-speaking-local-media

August 8, 2013  05:14 PM ET

"leaving behind unhappy teammates" is a nice way for the plain dealer to make themselves look so sadly hurt. When will the media learn that these players are do not want to talk because you manipulate their words for your stinking media egos???


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