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Yes, Kasten nearly fired Mattingly


07:20 AM ET 08.07 | Even after watching their road streak come to an end in St. Louis, the Dodgers remain one of the hottest teams in baseball. [But] manager Don Mattingly said he came very close to being fired after his team's 30-42 start. The 52-year-old Mattingly said Tuesday night that Dodgers president Stan Kasten met with him in late May and told him that he would be forced to make a change if the team didn't turn their season around. "Stan was really honest. He didn't want to do anything but he said, 'Donnie, at some point I got to do something,'" Mattingly said. "I understood it. I was fine with that. I understand. At some point you need a change of voice, a different voice. If they're not listening and it's not going good, you got to be make a change just to make a change."

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Don Mattingly, Getty Images Don Mattingly, Getty Images
August 7, 2013  07:30 AM ET

Puig saved his job.

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August 7, 2013  09:21 AM ET

It's amazing how much better he got as a manager when Ramirez and Crawford got healthy and Puig got called up.

August 7, 2013  10:09 AM ET

Manager can only do so much and after the players get between the lines it is up to the players to perform and make the manager look good. The bottom line is that all of them kn ow they are hired to be fired sooner or later.

August 7, 2013  10:33 AM ET

Puig saved his job.

Exactly!!! Puig was the spark that the Dodgers needed. Also every since that idiot Kennedy (since traded) from the Diamondbacks almost beaned Puig and hit Greinke, the Dodgers have been on fire!!!

August 7, 2013  11:39 AM ET

Do you think Mattingly understood? Really understood? Totally understood? Completely understood?

August 7, 2013  12:04 PM ET

Do you think Mattingly understood? Really understood? Totally understood? Completely understood?

He HAS to understand... He's DONNIE BASEBALL !!!!!

August 7, 2013  12:20 PM ET

Puig saved his job.

Good thing the rest of the team came around as he's fallen off considerably...........then again who but the most rabid Dodger homer thought he was going to keep up that torrid pace all year?

August 7, 2013  12:24 PM ET

what is interesting the Dodgers turned things around while Matt Kemp has been on DL most of the season. But puig ,Gonzelez, H.Ramierez , along with pitching staff turned the season around.. The manager can only do so much. If he doesn't have the talent to put on field.All you can do is try to motivate your players to try to get the most out of them. Once Talent got healthy and puig came up and performed way above expectations. The Dodger Started winning with regularity and now in first place.

August 7, 2013  12:29 PM ET

Mattingly went from almost being fired in june to possibly being a candidate for manager of the year, he will have competition from Clint Hurdle Of Pittsburgh, not only leading Pittsburgh to their first winning season in over 20 years but also a chance to win Central Div.

August 7, 2013  12:30 PM ET

Dodgers have won 32 of their last 39 games! A .821 winning percentage. That would translate to 133 wins over one full season. The only stretch of winning baseball like that, that I can remember is the 1984 Detroit Tigers started the season 35-5. They went on to win the World Series that year over the San Diego Padres.

August 7, 2013  01:34 PM ET

I say don, you may still be canned soon enough. You know these dodgers have a knack for chocking with the chips are down. If the dodgers start to play fairly good teams from now on, don't expect to many wins. Last couple of times shows it is the truth.

August 7, 2013  02:21 PM ET

Kasten needed to consider the fact that most of the players they traded for or acquired spent the first half of the season on the DL and the team Mattingly was asked to field wasn't the team that Kasten bought... You can't expect first place play when you are starting your bench and Triple A roll players consistently.. if those guys could deliver first place, they would be the designated starters... Now that everyone (except Matt Kemp of course) is healthy, suddenly the Dodgers look like the world dominating team that Kasten signed...

August 7, 2013  02:22 PM ET

I know the manager is always the first to blame if a team fails, but the Dodgers put together what they thought was an all star team and said go play ball. Puig saved the team, but there are 162 games; give a team some time.

August 7, 2013  02:53 PM ET

Anyone notice Greinke's BA?

August 7, 2013  02:55 PM ET

Anyone notice Greinke's BA?

He gives Puig tips on off days.

August 7, 2013  04:24 PM ET

sometimes the managers could be running in thin ice,sometimes patience would run thin,at times would work in the managers favor,but very seldom!!!

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August 7, 2013  05:22 PM ET

I've been hearing Giants fans this season complain about injuries and talk about the Dodgers spending...But the Dodgers lost Beckett and Billingsley for the season, plus injuries to Kemp, Hanley, Crawford, plus the early season closer League was a mess...even through that they are on top, they are a great team

August 7, 2013  06:49 PM ET

Good thing the rest of the team came around as he's fallen off considerably...........then again who but the most rabid Dodger homer thought he was going to keep up that torrid pace all year?

You say that Puig has "fallen off considerably"??? Are you crazy??? The kid is batting .373 and is a "great defensive player"!!!


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