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Cubs bench Starlin Castro after mental error


08:57 AM ET 08.18 | The Cubs have some options. Do they still have the patience to let a .244-hitting Starlin Castro daydream at shortstop? That question will be answered Sunday, after Dale Sveum and the guys in the front office finish shaking their heads about Castro falling asleep after catching fly ball in short left field during the fifth inning that gave an alert Jon Jay a chance to dash home from third base. Sveum benched the 23-year-old Castro shortly after the mental mistake, which Castro called "a first for my career.'' A contrite Castro apologized to losing pitcher Travis Wood, his teammates and Sveum's coaching staff for his lapse afterward. "I know the outs, the situation, I just (put) my head down,'' Castro said. "I feel really, really bad for that happening, especially with Woody pitching good. I have to pay for that."

Chicago Tribune

Starlin Castro, Getty Images Starlin Castro, Getty Images
August 18, 2013  09:04 AM ET

Use Your Head, Bro.

August 18, 2013  09:47 AM ET

He seems sufficiently contrite to me. Give the kid a break.

August 18, 2013  10:00 AM ET

He is no longer a kid Sox1 anymore. The Cubs want him to be a leader on the team and build around him for the future and not show boating just because he caught a ball in short left field.

August 18, 2013  10:04 AM ET

This kid has tremdous potential, he has to be mentally Tough, sitting out a game is an appropriate penalty! Hopefully it won't happen again!

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August 18, 2013  10:58 AM ET

He'll always be a liability defensively, if he can't figure out how to start hitting again next year they really won't have much use for him.

August 18, 2013  01:56 PM ET

Castro said, "a first for my career". ROTFLMAO That just proves he's been sleepwalking through games.

August 18, 2013  05:34 PM ET

He seems sufficiently contrite to me. Give the kid a break.

The kid has made 98 errors in 4 years (although 2013 isn't over). But let's look on the bright side. He's on a pace to finish with less errors this year for his 5 mil salary. Falling asleep in the infield is a new trick. Hey, "contrite" don't cut it anymore with Castro. He's making rookie mistakes - and worse than rookie mistakes - in his 4th year in the league Trade him.

August 19, 2013  10:29 AM ET

Okay, I seem to have stepped into some doo-doo here. I don't really follow the cubbies, but I can sense everyone's frustration.


August 19, 2013  01:22 PM ET

Castro made a rookie mistake, Fine if Castro was a rookie instead of a 4 year veteran. The Cubs are starting to get a little impatient with Castro. Unfortunately for Cubs they signed him to a multi year contract extension. That doesn't mean The cubs can't bench Castro for several games.

August 19, 2013  01:27 PM ET

The play Castro fell asleep on, the cardinals had the bases loaed with 1 out there was a pop up into shallow left center Castro ran out and camped under pop up .the umpired signaled outby infield fly rule. castro caught ball and put his head downWhile J.Jay tagged up and scored.

August 19, 2013  01:38 PM ET

Which gets me back to infield fly rule. That rule came about because a team had put runners on first and second with less than two outs , teams would purposely let a pop up fall in order to pick up and get a double play. after teams were perfecting that play MLB decided to end that play. that was the purpose of the infield fly rule. by an infielder running into shallow out field where an outfielder could easily make catch doen't follow the purpose of the infield fly rule, and should be reviewed. The umpire should have to ask themselves , in fielder were to purposely drop catch in shallow outfield would that allow for a double play?

August 19, 2013  03:54 PM ET

To not for nuttin Yes he will. last year something similar happened the Cubs benched Castro for 2 games and people said he got the message and wouldn't let it happen again. How many times does he get benched before he finally gets it. I think he is proned to let this happen again. Sometimes it is like he occasionally loses concentration out there. When Valbuena coms off of DL put Valbuena at third and move Murphy to SS as long as murphy continues to hit better than.244. A couple of weeks watching some one else at SS using castro as a pinch hitter maybe he would have a better appreciation of keeping head in game.


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