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Will Mark Sanchez's injury cost Rex Ryan his job?


08:47 AM ET 08.25 | Rex Ryan took ineptitude and incompetence to new heights with a boneheaded decision Saturday night that ultimately could seal his fate as the head coach of the Jets. Ryan, apparently consumed with winning a trophy of a Peanuts character, vaulted into the annals of dumb moves by putting Mark Sanchez into the fourth quarter of the Jets' meaningless preseason 24-21 overtime win over the Giants at MetLife Stadium. Sanchez promptly suffered a shoulder injury that clouds the Jets' quarterback situation. Ryan, whose transparent attempts to placate new general manager John Idzik for the past eight months have turned him into a sad shell of his former iconoclastic self, turned testy in his postgame press conference. When his predictable talking points were challenged, Ryan grew agitated. He knows that he screwed up. Ryan's mismanagement may wind up being a fireable offense in January if Sanchez is out for an extended period of time. Sanchez underwent X-rays on Saturday night. He is scheduled for an MRI on Sunday. "All week you're talking about winning the game and competing," Ryan said as if he were prepping for the Super Bowl. "It was my decision all the way."

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August 25, 2013  08:54 AM ET

Idzik should just cut to the chase and fire Ryan NOW!!!!!!!!!

August 25, 2013  08:57 AM ET

Winning a meaningless game. Really??

August 25, 2013  09:12 AM ET

What the Jets did to Sanchez sending him out in a meaningless game all but says, hey we don't want or care about you. The possibility your go to guy could get hurt by doing it says a lot about you not wanting the guy anymore and not caring about his well being.
I feel bad for Sanchez. I didn't like his play of recent years but he certainly did not deserve the treatment he got. No one does.
I actually for his sake hope his shoulder keeps him out for a while and let the jets suffer from there decision. This is a classless organization.

August 25, 2013  09:13 AM ET

Definitely has that Ryan loser DNA. Like father like son.

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August 25, 2013  09:29 AM ET

Just win baby...Just win!!

August 25, 2013  09:32 AM ET

Definitely has that Ryan loser DNA. Like father like son.


August 25, 2013  09:36 AM ET

Guess the Jets front office and Rex got their wish.. they're starting Geno Smith in the season opener

August 25, 2013  09:37 AM ET

It should.

August 25, 2013  09:38 AM ET

How did he keep his job after last season??? Glad he will be at the helm to watch them go 0-16 this season.

August 25, 2013  09:39 AM ET

What a Moron...

August 25, 2013  09:41 AM ET

Who cares anyway? It's not like Smith will do any worse this year than Sanchez would have anyway.

August 25, 2013  09:44 AM ET

They should fire Ryan now and promote Marty Mornhinweg as head coach. Sanchez could be out for the year, and that may be the best thing for his career so he can move on to another team.

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August 25, 2013  09:53 AM ET

All hope is not lost for the Jets. There will be a plethora of third and fourth string QB's on the market next week, anyone of which could be the new starter and Rex could be gone any moment. Not hard to replace that bafoon.

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August 25, 2013  09:58 AM ET


Oh, that's just awesome, Canuck.

August 25, 2013  10:00 AM ET

Oh, that's just awesome, Canuck.


August 25, 2013  10:02 AM ET

The Jets are lucky that their 4th string QB is as talented as the starter. Most teams would kill for that kind of depth.

August 25, 2013  10:02 AM ET

How did he keep his job after last season??? Glad he will be at the helm to watch them go 0-16 this season.

It's a variety of things that have already cost Rex his job.


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