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Johnny Manziel trolls NCAA with money, autograph gestures


09:21 AM ET 09.01 | Johnny Manziel might be a better troll than he is a quarterback. The Texas A&M star threw three touchdowns after being suspended for the first half against Rice due to what the school called "inadvertent" violations of the NCAA's rules against signing autographs. And as he was making the hapless Rice defenders look silly, he was taunting them -- and likely his haters -- by making autograph and money gestures. With 10 minutes remaining in the third, "Johnny Football" took off and ran for an 8-yard gain. Afterward, he appeared to tell a Rice player "I won't give you an autograph.???

New York Post

Johnny Manziel, Scott Halleran/Getty Images Johnny Manziel, Scott Halleran/Getty Images
September 1, 2013  09:23 AM ET

Brother wants to get paid.

September 1, 2013  09:31 AM ET

Manziel is a spoiled little tool and I can't wait to see him get his bell rung. (this is what happens when athletes are allowed to break rules, they become ****)

September 1, 2013  09:38 AM ET

I like watching him play - he brings exciting elements to the game. Extremely quick and elusive.

He's the ambassador of the Heisman and he should strive to bring honor to the award. He's already proved himself ... why make taunting gestures?

September 1, 2013  09:49 AM ET

Based on what I saw last night, A&M vs. LSU should be a heck of a game. LSU struggled to deal with TCU's quickness when their mobile QB Boykin was running the offense. I can't wait to see if LSU has an answer for Manziel + A&M's running game + A&M's receivers.

September 1, 2013  09:54 AM ET

He comes from a wealthy Texas oil family and it shows.
Spoiled little rich brat.
Makes it difficult to root for him as a talented player and easier to hate the Texas A&M team.

September 1, 2013  09:58 AM ET

Can't wait for next years draft to see how much money he's going to cost himself.

September 1, 2013  10:15 AM ET

Can't wait for next years draft to see how much money he's going to cost himself.


The NFL is going to break Manziel.

Comment #8 has been removed
September 1, 2013  10:28 AM ET


I've never seen a diva quarterback before. (Jim McMahon was before my time)

September 1, 2013  10:36 AM ET

Way to go Johnny "CASH"! You are still making the Gaggie Nation proud! What a scum sucking bottom feeder! I can't wait to see you crash & burn! Hey John Sharp, you still think that he did nothing wrong! LOL!!!!!!

September 1, 2013  10:38 AM ET

Brother wants to get paid.

"Brother wants to get hurt"!!! Some player from the SEC is going to hurt this guy, especially if Manziel taunts them in SEC play!!

September 1, 2013  10:39 AM ET

God I luv this kid...Shake them JFF.....

Lus, congrats on LSU winning last night!!!!

September 1, 2013  10:40 AM ET

Can't wait for next years draft to see how much money he's going to cost himself.

Intangibles separate great NFL quarterbacks from the rest of the pack. And Johnny Manziel has some of the worst intangibles I've ever seen.

No NFL team is going to waste a decent draft pick on a quarterback who lacks maturity and leadership skills.

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September 1, 2013  10:47 AM ET

What a di<kwad...

I agree and some defensive players don't like a guy like Manziel and just might take a unnecessary shot at him, if they get a chance!!!

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September 1, 2013  10:50 AM ET

A few thought after opening day.....

Jonny Football has the skills but his head isn't where it should be, too selfish.
Bama looks good as always. A few things to work on.
LSU is a good squad once again and is well-coached. They just get it done in games like that.
Oregon looks like Oregon. Always prepared and execute at a very high level. They do what they do.
Good for UW, always like watching boyzee lose.
Oregon State craps the bed no excuse.
UGA will always fall short. Same stuff different year. Consistently out-coached with a team that consistently underperforms.

September 1, 2013  10:50 AM ET

SEC players wont taunt him regarding the $$$$...They gonna be asking how he got away with it

Money comes to money.

NCAA was scurred to go to war with Johnny's parents resources.

September 1, 2013  10:51 AM ET

Lastly, wtf was herbie thinking picking Toledo? Come on herbie, you're better than that.


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