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Report: Extremely frustrated LaMarcus Aldridge did not request trade


09:50 AM ET 09.01 | Marc Spears of Yahoo! Sports reports on Twitter that Portland Trail Blazers All-Star forward LaMarcus Aldridge was displeased with Portland's 2012-13 season but not to the point where he felt an immediate change of scenery was needed. Blazers' [LaMarcus Aldridge] tells Yahoo Sports he was extremely frustrated with last season but not to the point where he asked for a trade. "I wasnt ready to make a move yet. I was just frustrated in the moment. I haven't given Neil (Olshey) a chance yet," [Aldridge] told Yahoo.

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LaMarcus Aldridge, Getty Images LaMarcus Aldridge, Getty Images
September 1, 2013  09:51 AM ET

Time to get blazed in Portland?

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September 1, 2013  10:08 AM ET

I like LMA....and he is a top 5 PF....but lets get realhe is basically a nobody and hasn't earned the right to 'demand' anything at this point in his career. Portland has had some (granted not off-the chart) talent the last few years and he's 'led' them nowherewin a playoff series, then you can speak

You seem to 'set the bar' rather high. First Kevin Durant and now LaMarcus Aldridge? I bet that you would love to have both on the Knicks.

September 1, 2013  10:16 AM ET

These reporters should leave L.A alone!
Am glad the blazers have a better team now with the drafting of C.J, signing of those role players to get a better bench & the underrated trade of acquiring Robin Lopez.
A playoff reaching is on the horizon for Lillard, I say he has a breakout sophomore campaign...

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September 1, 2013  11:04 AM ET

of course I set the bar want to talk about scrubs?and I also EXPECT more out of talented guys. You never hear me say durant, LMA, etc 'suck'- just that they need to be better....cause they have the talent to be betterI never gave durant props, till he helped get his team to a WCF- once he did...I gave him propsnow, to get to the next level, he has to win. I feel the same with Love. he should shutty til he gets to .500% and I felt the same with curry-but now that he at least made the playoffs and won a round- that is a major hurdle and I gave him props for doing so.but like LMA, like Curry- these guys now need to help their teams move farther in the playoffs for them to elevate their own status.

There you go again. Dude, Durrant plays on a team. He cannot be any better than the people he's surrounded with.

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September 1, 2013  11:37 AM ET

Surprising that he didn't deny that he didn't want to get traded until now. He could have squashed the idea months ago!

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September 2, 2013  09:48 AM ET

Come To LA, Bro.


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